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Ye Siming grabbed her small hand that was touching him, looking a little unhappy.

However, he did not feel repulsed by her action.

On the way back to the palace, they changed back into their clothes in the carriage.

The lashes above Gu Nuoers watery eyes fluttered on her fair and tender face.

“Elder Brother Siming, can we keep todays matter a secret for now”

Ye Siming tidied his sleeves and said in a cold tone, “Which matter Is it the one where I accompanied you to investigate the porridge stall or the one where I almost caused you to be buried in the pit with me”

The child immediately placed her hands on her hips and puffed up her cheeks.

“Of course its the second matter! If we were to tell Father about this matter just like that, there wont be any fun in the future~”

Ye Siming gave her a sideward glance.

Gu Nuoers dark eyes were filled with craftiness and intelligence, but he was not interested in asking what this little thing was planning.

“Suit yourself.

Im not one to shoot my mouth off anyway.”

When the two of them returned to the palace, it had stopped snowing.

Ye Siming sent Gu Nuoer to the Qiushui Palace and then wanted to leave.

Gu Nuoer put her hands behind her back.

“Elder Brother Siming, remember to come back again in five days! Well go somewhere else to play next time!”

Ye Siming frowned and pretended to be impatient.

“Got it.”

He turned around and left.

Gu Nuoer was also preparing to enter the courtyard.

At this moment, a figure came stumbling and running in from the corner.

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“Your Highness, this servant has something to report!” Mu Shuzhen approached in a panic, looking anxious.

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

“Elder Sister Shuzhen, whats the matter Theres no hurry.

Take your time~”

Mu Shuzhen was just about to tell Gu Nuoer about that boys true colors.

However, her expression suddenly changed.

It was as if she was about to say something but she swallowed the words back.

Her gaze was filled with hints of horror as she looked at the person behind Gu Nuoer.

The child turned around and was a little surprised.

“Elder Brother Siming, why are you back again”

Ye Simings sharp black eyes were filled with black light.

He only glanced at Mu Shuzhen, but the latter was already breaking out in cold sweat from fear.

Then, Ye Siming retracted his gaze and threw the cloak in his hand to Gu Nuoer.

“You forgot something.”

Gu Nuoer was struck by realization and she beamed in joy.

“Thank you, Elder Brother Siming~”

After saying that, she waved her small hand up and down, indicating for Ye Siming to squat down.

Ye Siming gritted his teeth in dissatisfaction.

“Dont think of touching my head every time.

I dont like it!”

Gu Nuoer blinked her big watery eyes.

“Then let me touch it one more time~”

Ye Siming looked at her fair face that had an innocent expression.

He had no choice but to compromise.

He squatted down and the child rubbed his head in satisfaction.

Mu Shuzhens heart almost jumped to his throat.

If… if this demon suddenly went berserk and attacked, wouldnt the princess be in danger!

Now, the princess didnt know his identity and even touched his head!

It was really terrifying!

At this moment, Gu Nuoer turned her head.

“Elder Sister Shuzhen, what did you want to say to me just now”

“This servant…” Mu Shuzhen stammered, not knowing where to start.

From the corner of her eye, she realized that Ye Siming was staring at her coldly.

This feeling was like being stared at by a ferocious wolf when walking in the forest in the dark night.

“The weather is very cold.

This servant is worried that the little princess will catch a cold, so I came to remind you to wear more clothes.”

Mu Shuzhen didnt dare to confess in front of Ye Siming and could only decide to find another opportunity to tell the princess about this.

When Gu Nuoer heard this, she didnt think too much about it.

Instead, she smiled cutely and obediently.

“Elder Sister Shuzhen, you have to wear more clothes too!”

After saying that, she skipped into the courtyard.

Ye Siming took a long look at Mu Shuzhen and left without saying a word.

Mu Shuzhen wiped her forehead and realized that there was a layer of cold sweat on it.


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