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Ye Siming was stunned and looked up.

At the top of the pit, the child didnt listen to his advice and was leaning on the edge.

It was unknown where Gu Nuoers had rubbed her small face against, leaving behind a smear of dirt on it.

There were even snowflakes on her collar and hair.

However, her eyes were big, bright, and sparkling.

Gu Nuoer tried her best to reach out her small hand to him, but half of her body was almost probing in.

Ye Siming was in a daze.

The law of survival that he had learned in the Asura Realm was to leave when he could.

There was no such thing as companions and he didnt have to care about anyones life either.

In his eyes, Gu Nuoer was just a fragile three-year-old child.

She clearly had a chance to escape, but she turned around and wanted to pull him up.

How much strength could she have

Ye Siming looked at her in a daze.

The child kept urging, “Hurry up and hold my hand!”

At this moment, he saw the door beam above Gu Nuoers head falling, about to smash onto her neck!

In an instant—

Gu Nuoer only felt a figure flash in front of her before she was hugged by Ye Siming.

The boy quickly brought her with him to move back.

Behind them, there was the sound as if the entire world was collapsing.

The evil servants were all buried under the pit!

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Before Gu Nuoer could clap her hands and cheer, a reprimand sounded from above.

“Are you stupid I told you to escape! Do you know that you were almost smashed to death!”

The child looked up and saw the anger in Ye Simings eyes.

She fluttered her eyelashes and said softly, “But Elder Brother Siming is still down there.

I cant abandon you!”


Ye Siming was furious.

Did she think that she was immortal

At this moment, Gu Nuoer reached out her soft little finger and touched Ye Simings eyebrows.

Worry appeared in her big eyes.

“Elder Brother Siming, youre bleeding!”

There was a wound above Ye Simings long eyebrow that had been scratched by sand.

It was very thin and shallow, with only a small drop of blood appearing.

However, when Gu Nuoer placed her finger that had Ye Simings blood on it in front of his eyes.

Ye Simings body trembled.

Her fair fingers were slightly red from the cold, and the trace of blood on them stood out even more.

It was as if there was a lump of tender red bean paste on a delicious glutinous rice ball.

He wanted to eat her…

When this thought appeared, Ye Siming shook his head vigorously.

His face darkened.

“Take your hand back.

It doesnt hurt.”

At this moment, an anxious voice sounded from the door.

“Everyone, this is the place.

I heard people shouting and fighting inside!”

Gu Nuoer turned around and saw that it was Duan Hanping, the person who had helped them just now!

There was a group of soldiers from the government office following behind him.

Duan Hanping immediately saw Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming standing in the courtyard.

He hurriedly walked over.

“Young girl, are the two of you alright You two ran away in a hurry just now and I wanted to help to send the porridge back for you.

However, when I reached the door, I heard fierce voices coming from inside!”

Duan Hanping thought that it must be that group of hooligans and beggars who had come to look for trouble.

How could they bully two children

Therefore, he quickly ran to report to the officials.

The soldiers walked into the courtyard and immediately went forward to check on the huge pit upon seeing it.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer, who was in Ye Simings arms, suddenly burst into tears.

“Uncle Duan, Im so scared.

Just now, they chased after my brother and me, wanting to hit us.

They even had sabers with them!

“However, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the ground and almost swallowed us.

In order to protect me, my brother even got hurt.”

She wailed in a heartbroken manner, her small body trembling as she sobbed.


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