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The middle-aged man in the lead reacted and immediately shouted, “Go grab that girl in his arms!”

The middle-aged man in the lead reacted and immediately shouted, “Go grab that girl in his arms!”

These people had come prepared and were different from the weak and helpless servants they met on the bridge earlier.

These people were clearly trained.

Although they werent very strong, they still had some foundation.

At first, Ye Siming could still retaliate, but in order to protect Gu Nuoer, he started to retreat step by step and counterattack as a form of defense.

If Gu Nuoer wasnt here, he would have started a massacre long ago.

In his eyes, mortals were just ants that he could crush at any time.

But the little girl in his arms was afraid to see blood!

It was until Ye Siming was forced back into the house behind him that he had nowhere left to retreat to.

At this moment, these ambushers were not in a hurry to attack.

It was as if they were prepared to enjoy Ye Siming and Gu Nuoers last expressions before they died.

The middle-aged man in the lead squeezed his way over and said disdainfully, “Remember to have eyes in your next life and dont offend just anyone you see.

You should have assessed to see if its someone you can afford to offend!”

Gu Nuoers black eyes were already brewing with displeasure.

This mans words made the anger on her face even more obvious.

These people must be used to being lawless.

They first gave her horse carriage a shock and then tried to bully her and Elder Brother Siming.

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This, in addition to the injustice she encountered from the porridge booth earlier, made Gu Nuoer clench her small fists tightly.

If there were more good people in the world, why would she have to work so hard and persuade her father every day not to kill people!

She was only three years old, yet these people were not as sensible as her!

If there were fewer baddies, as a child she wouldnt have to worry so much!

“Little thing.” Ye Siming gritted his teeth and said next to her ear, “Close your eyes.

Im going to kill.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, large cracks appeared on the ground under these peoples feet!

The ground shook and Ye Siming barely managed to stabilize himself.

These evil servants had long fallen, the weapons in their hands scattering on the ground.

Gu Nuoers eyes were deep and had black ripples in them.

Her small hand slowly tightened, then opened with a bang.

The ground under the evil servants feet suddenly sank, forming a huge pit!

The man and servants from earlier immediately fell into the pit, crying out loud.

At this moment, the ground no longer cracked.

However, the intense shaking of the ground made the house, which wasnt sturdy from the beginning, become shaky.

Ye Siming jumped lightly, but a hand reached out from the pit and grabbed his ankle.

At the critical moment, he subconsciously threw Gu Nuoer to the other side.

The child rolled on the ground and then stabilized herself.

When she got up again, the ceiling beam in this room had actually fallen off!

A loud bang sounded and Gu Nuoer heard several screams.

Immediately after, the tiles and bricks on the house fell one after another.

The situation was dangerous!

“Elder Brother Siming!” The child hurriedly called out.

“Stand somewhere safe.

Ill be there in a moment.” Ye Simings voice rang out, sounding especially calm.

He stood in the pit and grabbed the neck of the man from earlier.

He then twisted lightly and the sound of bones breaking could be heard.

The man died before he could let out a scream.

Ye Siming looked at the wooden beams, tiles, and bricks that kept falling in front of him.

His eyes darkened slightly and a murderous glint appeared in them.

It had been a long time since he had killed anyone since he came to Great Qi.

Unlike mortals, he wouldnt die even if he was buried under the soil.

Ye Simings thin lips curled up slightly as he walked toward the nearest evil servant.

However, at this moment, the childs voice sounded from above.

“Elder Brother Siming, come up quickly.

Ill pull you up!”


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