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Gu Nuoer was sandwiched under his arm, swaying her small hands and feet.

Her cheeks were puffed up and she looked confused and cute.

There was only the silence of the falling snow and the soft sound of Ye Simings black boots as he walked.

They walked deeper until they saw a house with the words “Liu family” pasted on the door.

At this moment, the door was half open, but no one could be seen walking around.

The snow on the ground was smooth and there were no footprints.

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows slightly.

“If no ones home, theres no need to go in.”

Gu Nuoer tried her best to raise her head to take a look and echoed, “Thats right.

The door is open, but it doesnt look like theres anyone inside.

Its not good for us to go in.

Elder Brother Siming, lets come again next time!”

Not long after she finished speaking, a mans voice sounded behind her—

“Young Master and Young Miss, you guys are here to return the clothes, right”

Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming looked back.

A middle-aged man in plain clothes walked over quickly with his hands in his pockets.

He shrank his neck from the cold and smiled.

Before they could answer, he said, “Im Old Liu.

You guys can just give me the clothes.

Its too cold outside.

Young Miss and Young Master, come in and get changed!”

Gu Nuoer frowned slightly.

“Youre the owner of this house”

The man nodded repeatedly and went forward to push the half-open door.

He kept calling Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming into the house.

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He was beaming so widely that his eyes could almost not be seen.

The child couldnt help but think of a story her father had read to her before she went to bed!

Gu Nuoers small hand grabbed onto Ye Simings shoulder and whispered into his ear, “This person looks like the big bad wolf in the story.

He wants to trick us into entering the house and eat us!”

Ye Simings expression was unfathomable.

His thin lips curled up into a faint smile.

He replied in a soft voice, “Youll understand today that wolves arent as bad as humans.”

Initially, Gu Nuoer thought that Ye Siming would turn around and leave.

Unexpectedly, he raised his boots and walked towards the door.

The child sensed that something was wrong and squeezed her small hands warily.

If she were to encounter a baddie later, she would knock out two of them with a punch first!

As soon as Ye Siming entered, he felt strong winds coming from both the left and the right.

He was prepared for this.

He took a slight step and easily dodged the sneak attack.

In his arms, Gu Nuoer felt that his speed was as fast as the wind.

In the blink of an eye, they turned one round.

She couldnt help but let out an excited cry.


Ye Siming, who was holding the fair and tender child, came back to his senses and looked over.

It turned out that about 12 to 13 people were hiding behind the courtyard wall.

They were holding sabers that were gleaming in cold light and had clearly come prepared.

The middle-aged man who had disguised himself as Old Liu also revealed his true colors.

He walked in and locked the door behind him.

A cold smile appeared on his thin and mean face.

“Young Master has ordered for these two ignorant things to die here.

A stab will earn you ten taels of silver.

What are you guys waiting for Go!”

In an instant, more than ten gleaming sabers attacked them.

Ye Siming was at ease.

He turned around and dodged, striking back with his palm.

It was easy for him.

In his arms, Gu Nuoer only felt like she was spinning non-stop.

There were a few times when the blades almost brushed the tip of her small nose.

Ye Siming managed to dodge them.

The group of people who came to ambush them suddenly understood.

Not only could the boy in front of him protect himself, but he could also protect the little girl in his arms.

This was getting tricky.


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