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Five days later.

In the morning, the world was covered in ice and snow, glistening.

It had snowed last night and it was so cold that it made ones ears turn red and let people just want to find a place to hide from the bone-piercing cold wind.

However, in Noble Consort Qiaos Qiushui Palace, all the palace servants were busy.

Many additional palace maids and eunuchs were also sent to help.

This was because the emperors only beloved daughter, the youngest princess Gu Nuoer, was having her third birthday today.

The nobles and officials were all invited to the celebration.

At this moment, in the Qiushui Palaces inner room, Noble Consort Qiao was leaning against a chair in dark red jade clothing.

Her skin was fair, her eyebrows were long, and she had two dangling phoenix hair ornaments at the end of her hair.


She was born so dignified and poised, yet not lacking in charm and affection.

Her gaze had an honorable and disdainful look that was comparable to that of the empresss.

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However, Noble Consort Qiao looked a little anxious.

There was only her head palace maid, Wanxuan, around.

Wanxuan lowered her voice and hurriedly reported, “Dont worry, Your Highness.

Wanyin has already gone to look for her.

The little princess couldnt have run far.”

Noble Consort Qiao gripped her handkerchief tightly.

“Why did this child go out by herself You guys didnt keep an eye on her either!”

It was useless to flare up now.

She could only sigh and instructed, “Hurry up and send more people to look for her! Dont cause a commotion.

Otherwise, if His Majesty finds out that the princess has gone missing, he will definitely be angry.”

“Yes, this servant will go make the arrangements right away.”

Princess Gu Nuoer was the apple of everyones eyes, including Noble Consort Qiao and the Emperor.


Just an hour ago, the child saw that everyone was busy and ran out.

This made Noble Consort Qiao extremely anxious.

The birthday banquet was about to start in two hours.

It was a small matter to delay the banquet, but if something were to happen to the princess, it would be fatal!

Princess Gu Nuoer, whom everyone was looking for, was standing behind a small tree by the lake.

The childs almond-shaped eyes were extraordinary, her cheeks were pink like peach blossoms, and her skin even fairer than the surrounding snow.

Her facial features were exquisite, and her cherry lips were glistening and soft.

As her gaze looked around, she dazzled up the place.

Today, Gu Nuoer was wearing a red dress and a pair of white boots.

There were two rabbit fur dangling hair ornaments on her head that swayed gently with her movements.

She stood behind the tree and quietly stuck her head out.

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Her hands were clenched nervously as she looked at the two people by the lake.

They were two girls around five years old.

They were holding a small animal the size of a kitten, grabbing it by its neck and pressing it into the water.

Gu Nuoer was standing far away, but could still hear the kitten crying out at the start until it eventually stopped crying, being on the verge of death.

The two girls were wearing beautiful clothes, but they laughed arrogantly.

Gu Nuo heard one of them say, “I heard that cats dont know how to swim, but they have nine lives.

Lets throw it in and see if itll die.”

“Good idea.”

Immediately after, Gu Nuoer saw the two girls throw the poor cat into the water like a rock.

She clenched her fists and muttered angrily, “Scoundrels!”

Gu Nuoer hid behind the tree and waved her hand.

The cat was wrapped in dozens of streams of water into a ball and rose from the water.


When the two girls saw this, they screamed in fear.

One of them fell to the ground.

“Monster! Theres a monster!”

On the surface of the lake, which was originally very calm, small water pillars suddenly shot up and smashed towards them.

Their clothes were drenched amidst their screams in fear and they fled.

Gu Nuoer covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

She only walked from behind the tree and walked to the lake after they ran off.


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