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Gu Nuoer frowned, her big eyes filled with displeasure.

Her childish voice was filled with anger.

“Youre unreasonable and bullying us children!”

The hooligan was amused by her childish look.

He laughed.

“So what if Im bullying you If you want porridge, bring a bowl over yourself!”

Suddenly, a cold light flashed in front of the hooligan.

He froze.

A wisp of black hair on his forehead was cut off and quietly landed on the table.

The hooligans eyes widened and he was about to look up to see who was so bold.

Ye Siming held a dagger and plunged it into the table.

His eyes were dark and cold.

“Are you giving us the porridge”

When the hooligan saw that the boy was being so rude to him, he also lost his temper.

However, because of the dagger in front of him, he took two steps back and said provocatively, “You guys want to snatch the porridge, right!”

This scoundrel called out loudly, attracting the attention of the soldiers on duty.

Previously, there had been cases of people trying to snatch the porridge.

Therefore, when they heard the sounds, the soldiers quickly ran over with their swords.

The hooligan smiled proudly at Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming.

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Just wait!

If they were to offend him, they could just wait to be arrested and sent to jail later.

They wont get any porridge either.

These two children might as well starve to death!

What he didnt expect was that the moment the soldiers ran nearby…

Gu Nuoer broke out into a heartbroken cry.

There were two streams of tears trickling down her fair and beautiful face.

Bean-sized tears kept rolling down her cheeks, making her exquisite little face look a little helpless and pitiful.

“Uncles, look, this person is acting shamelessly and not giving my brother and me some porridge.

He even deliberately made things difficult for us.”

She wiped her tears with her small hands, looking extremely pitiful.

The middle-aged man who was standing in front of her had been waiting for Gu Nuoer at the side.

He was afraid that she and that young boy would be bullied by this scoundrel because they were young.

As expected, he saw this scene.

He immediately walked over and helped Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming testify.

He scolded the ruffian, “The siblings suffered in the cold just to wait for some porridge to eat!

“Not only did you make things difficult for them, but you also didnt give them a bowl.

Why are you so ruthless! Everyone, tell me, is what he did right”

The young men who had been robbed of their porridge by these hooligans immediately responded to the cries.

“Thats right.

Isnt it enough when you bully us usually Youre even making things difficult for such young children! Are you still human Youre heartless!”

“The imperial court has set up this porridge stall to help us.

Its not like your family opened it, so what right do you have to not give the young lady a bowl!”

The middle-aged man walked up to Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming and said, “Dont be afraid, we can all be witnesses today.

These soldiers arent people who cant tell right from wrong!”

Gu Nuoers precious tears fell.

“My older brother and I have been starving for a day.

We only ate one sweet potato together just now.

Soldier older brothers, can you give us a bowl of porridge”

The soldiers, who were walking over to where they were, heard the sound of an argument.

However, they saw that Ye Siming and Gu Nuoer were both young and the girl was crying so pitifully.

It was clear at a glance who was right and who was wrong.

Moreover, the surrounding crowd seemed to have been angered and were pointing fingers at the hooligan.

At first, the hooligan tried to argue, but later on, he simply hid under the table while holding onto his head with his hands.

The leader of the soldiers made the decision and kicked the hooligans butt.

“Get up and give them porridge.

If you dare to cause trouble again, be careful that youll be brought to get more whacks by the paddle!”


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