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With money, it was easy to get things done.

The waiter quickly followed Gu Nuoers request and borrowed two sets of clothes from a poor family nearby.

When he brought the clothes up to the teahouse, he was stopped by a servant.

“Sir, whats the


Ye Siming was wearing thin long cotton clothing and had a bad expression.

Gu Nuoer handed their clothes to the waiter and said with a smile, “Help us take care of these first!”

After the waiter nodded, the child pulled Ye Simings hand and went to the back of the long queue.

The fluttering snowflakes landed on Gu Nuoers hair and eyelashes from time to time, but she didnt seem to feel cold at all.

She looked ahead curiously.

Ye Siming sized them up coldly for a long time and suddenly said, “The people who came to get the porridge are actually all young people.

There arent any women, children, elderly, or children”

It was really strange.

Gu Nuoer also looked ahead when he heard him say this.

They indeed looked young and strong.


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