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Ye Siming grabbed his collar with one hand and easily threw him off the bridge.

A splash rang out, followed by the sounds of the body hitting the rocks in the stream and shattering the floating ice.

That profligate son saw that Ye Siming had thrown his men down.

He was even more exasperated.

“You unruly commoner, do you dare to tell me your name Ill find a chance to kill you!”

Ye Siming looked at him coldly.

It was as if he was looking at an ant that could be crushed at any moment.

He sneered slightly and turned to leave.

Ye Siming pretended not to hear the cursing behind him.

He walked to the carriage and pulled up the coachman who had been beaten.

He then went up to Gu Nuoer and looked down at her.

“Did you get a fright”

Gu Nuoer opened her clear eyes and shook her head vigorously.

She didnt know why she was so excited, but she waved her small fists around.

“Elder Brother Siming, youre really skilled!”

Ye Siming used his fingertips to brush away the snow that had just landed on the tip of her nose.

He gave her an extremely perfunctory sneer.

Gu Nuoer twisted her small butt and patted her small hands.

“Thats why Baby Nuo feels that theres no need for Father to ask Brother Siming to go to the training ground! Thats why Ive brought Elder Brother Siming out to play today!”

Ye Siming glanced at her.

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She smiled obediently and tilted her head as if she was happy.

Her fair cheeks were frozen red.

The little thing even learned how to curry up to others

Ye Simings lips curled up and he sneered proudly.

Then, he pushed Gu Nuoer into the carriage and lowered his head to get in as well.

The coachman sat trembling on the shaft and drove the carriage away.

After they left, the profligate son was dragged up by a group of servants who were moaning in pain.

During this period, there were a few times when he slid off the slope again.

His luxurious clothes were covered in mud and he was in a sorry state!

When he climbed up from the stream, he kicked at the accumulated snow angrily.

He casually pointed at a servant.

“Go and follow them.

The rest of you, follow me back to the residence and call for more people to help fight.

I dont believe that we cant kill these two immature children!”

However, the servant who had almost died at Ye Simings hands was scared.

He didnt know why that boy suddenly let him off.

However, there was still blood flowing from the wound on his neck.

This meant that the boy really wanted to kill him.

The evil servant didnt want to provoke someone so reckless.

He said hesitantly, “Young Master, this might not be a good idea! We just came to the capital and arent familiar with the place.

What if we provoke an important person Master told us to persuade you on this!”

As soon as the servant finished speaking, he received a slap from the young master.

“Useless things!” The young master scolded angrily, “Do they look like nobles at all They are probably just insolent kids from some random family!

“Im not afraid, so what are you afraid of If anything happens, my father will take care of it.

If you guys dare to disobey me, Ill beat you to death first!”

After he said this, no one dared to retort.

The light snow fell from the sky, making his gaze even more sinister.

Gu Nuoer brought Ye Siming to a teahouse that wasnt too crowded.

After entering, she ordered a pot of hot tea and a few plates of pastries with great familiarity.

Then, she smiled sweetly at the waiter.

“Give me a warm and moist white towel!”


Ye Siming sat opposite Gu Nuoer and looked at the snow outside.

His gaze landed on a long line not far below.

Those people were wearing tattered cotton clothes and holding bowls in their hands, waiting for the porridge stall at the front to distribute the porridge.


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