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Ye Siming was quick and pulled Gu Nuoer into his arms.

He was agile and propped himself against the carriage with his left hand to stabilize himself.

After the carriage stabilized, the coachman started arguing with the people outside.

“You guys are going too far.

This bridge is so narrow.

Ive already come up, so how dare you guys continue to barge over”

The other partys voice was sloppy and revealed a sense of profligacy and contempt.

“Who do you think you are Your carriage is so small yet youre taking a bridge like this and hogging the way Dont you know how to take a detour I bumped into you because I think highly of you.”

Gu Nuoer didnt make an extravagant display on todays trip.

She rarely sneaked out of the palace, but she was always accompanied by Gu Zitang each time she did.

The secret guards followed like shadows and would come out when necessary.

The carriage she had chosen this time did not have any palace emblem on it.

She had wanted to keep a low profile, but someone collided with them.

Gu Nuoer was furious and clenched her small fists.

“This person bumped into us and yet hes still so fierce.

I want to go out and teach the bad guy a lesson!”

She broke free from Ye Simings arms and was about to crawl out.

Ye Siming grabbed her small ankle and dragged her back.

He pressed his glabella impatiently.

“Sit down.

Ill take care of things.”

She was wearing so much and it would be inconvenient for her to move later.

What if she were to fall again and cry

He didnt know how to coax little girls.

It was much easier for Ye Siming to take care of people.

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Gu Nuoer watched as Ye Siming walked out of the carriage.

She stuck her head out and looked at the situation outside.

The carriage opposite was indeed wide and luxurious.

There was a person who looked like a profligate standing in front of the carriage, with five to six servants behind him.

After Ye Siming got out of the carriage, he walked up to the profligate son and said coldly with a frown, “Move your carriage.”

The profligate son had probably never seen someone who dared to be so arrogant in front of him.

He immediately exclaimed and sized up Ye Siming.

Although he had a murderous aura, he looked unfamiliar.

He pointed at himself with the finger that had a jade ring on it.

“Kid, do you know who I am If you offend me, do you believe that I can kill you by smashing you with money

“You better be sensible and get your carriage to move back and scram.

Otherwise, if you anger me, you wont get it good!”

Perhaps to show off their disposition, after the profligate son finished speaking, the servants behind him all raised the rods in their hands.

Gu Nuoer clenched her small fists, her cheeks puffed up in anger.

This person was so unreasonable.

She looked at the water under the bridge.

There were still pieces of ice floating on it.

The child rotated her wrist gently, preparing to wait for an opportunity to throw the bad guy down into the water and wake him up.

However, at this moment, Ye Siming suddenly turned around and said to Gu Nuoer, “Cover your eyes.”

“Huh” The child tilted her head in confusion.

However, in the next moment, she still obediently covered her eyes with her small hands.

What was Elder Brother Siming going to do

When Ye Siming saw that Gu Nuoer had blocked her vision, he turned around and suddenly grabbed the top of the profligate sons head.

He then dragged him to the side of the bridge and kicked him down.

As an agonizing scream rang out, Gu Nuoer couldnt help but open a gap in her hand to peek.

There was a small stream under the bridge.

The flow of the water wasnt fast and it wasnt deep either, but it was very cold!

The profligate son probably didnt expect that Ye Siming was a tough guy.

He actually dared to come over and made a move without saying anything!

He got up from the water in a sorry state, shivering from the cold.

His eyes were filled with hatred as he pointed at Ye Siming.

“What are you guys waiting for Beat him up! Since he dares to offend me, Ill make sure that he wont survive in the capital!”

After saying that, those evil servants raised their rods and rushed towards Ye Siming.

There were even two people who ran towards the carriage, heading for Gu Nuoer.


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