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Wanyin and Wanxuan didnt have time to catch up as Gu Nuoers legs ran very quickly.

Fortunately, the snow was a little lighter now.

She pulled Ye Siming but didnt head in the direction of the lion and tiger garden.

The child was like a round white ball.

She stopped in her tracks and blinked at Ye Siming.

“Elder Brother Siming, Ill bring you out of the palace to play today!”

Ye Siming wasnt interested and only looked at her lazily.

“Whats there to play”

Gu Nuoer seemed to have heard something amazing and widened her eyes.

There were actually people who felt that it wasnt fun outside the palace!

To her, there were lantern festivals, lion dances, and poetry meets outside the palace.

There were also many amazing older brothers and sisters who could break rocks on their chests and swallow longswords.

Not only that but there was also a dazzling array of food on the streets.

Gu Nuoer could eat from one end of the street to the other end, only stopping when her stomach was bulging.

In short, the fun was endless.

She whined, “Elder Brother Siming, you must rarely go out onto the streets!”

Ye Siming didnt comment.

Gu Nuoer placed her hands on her waist.

“If you go out with me today, Ill show you how interesting it is outside the palace!”

The corners of Ye Simings lips curled up into a cold smile.

“Do you have money Or are you planning to let me pawn you there”

Gu Nuoer widened her watery eyes.

“Elder Brother Siming, dont underestimate me.

I have money.

Ill bring you to see it now!”

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The two of them walked on the palace path.

Gu Nuoer was wearing too much and it was really difficult for her to walk.

She reached out her small hands.

“Elder Brother Siming, I want you to carry me.

I cant walk~”

The childs fair face was already covered in a faint layer of pink from the cold.

Her nose was also red and there was snow on her long eyelashes.

Ye Siming glanced at her and pretended not to care.

“Walk by yourself.”

After saying that, he quickened his pace and deliberately let the child follow behind him.

Gu Nuoer became anxious and chased after him.

“Elder Brother Siming, wait for me!”

Suddenly, she tripped and fell into the snow.

Gu Nuoer was not afraid of the cold, but this fall made her entire body shiver.

The child felt extremely aggrieved.

She sat on the ground and was not in a hurry to get up.

Bean-sized tears welled up in her eyes.

“Elder Brother Siming, Im not going to like you anymore!”

Ye Siming stopped in his tracks and turned around, only to see the little white bun sitting helplessly in the snow and crying.

She looked weak and pitiful.

There were a few times when Gu Nuoer wanted to prop herself with her small hands and stand up, but it was all in vain.

She was wearing too many clothes and it wasnt convenient for her to move.

Ye Siming pursed his thin lips and walked toward her.

He bent down and reached out to pull Gu Nuoer into his arms.

“What a delicate thing.”

When Ye Siming said this, he seemed to be gritting his teeth slightly.

It was as if he wanted to bite Gu Nuoers face that was tender like tofu.

Gu Nuoers tears rolled down her cheeks like a broken string of pearls.

Even in Ye Simings arms, the child still stubbornly straightened her neck and cried.

Ye Siming couldnt help but frown.

“Dont cry anymore.”

His cold fingers scraped away the snow on Gu Nuoers eyelashes and then wrapped her up in his big coat.

Ye Siming really didnt expect that he would unintentionally cause her to fall and cry.

However, Gu Nuoer was really very fragile, like a glass flower that could only be raised indoors.

Gu Nuoer ignored him and rubbed her eyes with her small hands, sobbing.

“You havent apologized yet… Mother said that if you bully others, you have to apologize.

Otherwise, youre a bad person.”

Ye Siming was stunned for a moment before saying, “Im sorry.

Ill learn to wait for you next time.”


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