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On the surface, AYun agreed, but in her heart, she thought to herself, who would be willing to become sisters with a quack like Mu Shuzhen

She was also certain that the empress would not ask the patrolling guards nearby.

So what if they saw that it was AYun who had pushed Mu Shuzhen down

Mu Shuzhen was really timid and wouldnt dare to say anything.

At this moment, Mu Shuzhen was kneeling at the bottom of the steps.

The cold wind blew and she held the broken bangle, feeling extremely sad.

This was the empresss kindness to her.

It was all her fault for being useless and allowing it to be damaged by AYun.

Mu Shuzhens eyes turned red and she sniffed.

At this moment, for some reason, the little princesss voice sounded in her ears again.

“Dont you want to be valued by everyone”

Mu Shuzhen was stunned.

She held the broken bangle in her hand and knelt on the ground, thinking for a long time.

After a long while, she staggered up and left.

The next day, Gu Nuoer woke up to see snow falling outside the window.

The child was extremely excited.


She was about to run out when Wanxuan grabbed her.

“Princess, we cant run out wearing so little.

Be careful not to get sick!”

Noble Consort Qiao was hugging a heater at the side.

She was the most afraid of the cold and had another charcoal basin beside her.

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There was a hint of sleepiness in her phoenix eyes.

“Put on more clothes on Nuoer today.

Dont let her catch a cold.”

Wanxuan responded.

Then, ignoring Nuoers protests, she put on three layers of clothes for her.

When she walked, she swayed because she had too many clothes and it was inconvenient for her to move.

She looked like a walking little white bun.

Gu Nuoers childish voice was filled with dissatisfaction.

“Mother! Baby Nuo is so tired from wearing all these!”

Noble Consort Qiao tightened her grip on the heater.

“How can that be Nuoer, you mustnt hanker for the cold.

If you get sick, itll be too late for regrets.”

Even though she was already wearing a thick fox fur cloak, she still felt cold.

On the other hand, Noble Consort Qiao felt that Gu Nuoer was wearing too little even though she looked like she was bulging from all the clothes.

“Baby Nuo, why dont we add another cloak”

The halls ground heating system made the place as warm as spring.

Gu Nuoer already felt hot.

When she heard that her mother wanted to add more clothing to her…

Gu Nuoer hurriedly ran out.

“Im not cold, not cold.

Im not cold at all!”

The child lowered her head and bumped into someones arms.

This embrace was bone-chilling as if the person had just been scooped out of ice water.

Wanyins surprised voice sounded from the side.

“Princess, are you alright Why are you in such a hurry”

Gu Nuoer looked up, and some snow from that person got onto the tip of her nose.

She blinked her watery eyes and met a pair of cold and dangerous eyes.

“Elder Brother Siming! Why are you here” Gu Nuoer recognized the person and called out obediently.

Today, Ye Siming was wearing white clothes with a high collar and a golden headgear, making him look even more youthful.

He lowered his eyes, looking like he had a shadow of a smile, but also as if he was gritting his teeth…

“Didnt the princess want me to enter the palace every five days”

How dare she forget

Gu Nuoer was enlightened and patted her head.

“Oh, right!”

She looked at Ye Siming with sparkling eyes and grabbed his slender fingertips.

Gu Nuoer turned her head and shouted into the room, “Mother, Elder Brother Siming is here.

I want him to go play with me!”

Noble Consort Qiaos voice of objection sounded.

“Its snowing heavily now.

Its not suitable for you to go anywhere.

You can play in the hall!”

“No, I have to bring Elder Brother Siming to the lion and tiger garden to see my little meow meow!”

As she spoke, the child dragged Ye Siming and ran into the snow.


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