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Noble Consort Qiao raised her phoenix eyes and sized up the cautious palace maid in front of her.

She was only about 12 or 13 years old.

She was not old, her face was yellow, her hair was dry and she looked dirty.

She couldnt find anything on the girl that was worthy of letting her stay.

What did Baby Nuo like about her

At this moment, the empresss second-grade palace maid sent a message.

“Your Highness, the empress has woken up.”

Noble Consort Qiao quickly got up and was about to go and visit the empress.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer suddenly said in a soft and pleasant voice, “Mother, then let Elder Sister Mu play with me for a while!”

Noble Consort Qiao hesitated for a moment.

This Mu Shuzhen only looked mysterious and didnt look like she would suddenly attack.

Moreover, there were palace maids around.

She wouldnt do anything to Gu Nuoer.

Noble Consort Qiao thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

“Baby Nuo, wait here.

Mother will be back soon.”


After she left, the eunuch in charge hurriedly brought the four palace maids to follow after her.

After all, they were picking maids for the empress.

In the end, the empress had to take a look at them.

The girl called AYun followed the closest.

After they left, only Gu Nuoer and Mu Shuzhen were left.

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The child sat on the chaise lounge and swayed her small feet.

The bell on her head rang crisply.

“Elder Sister Shuzhen, when you serve Empress Mother in the future, remember to wash your face! You cant make yourself look so yellow!”

Mu Shuzhen was stunned.

To think that the princess could actually tell that she had done something to her face.

She nodded awkwardly.

Mu Shuzhen hesitated a few times before asking, “Why did Your Highness choose this servant to stay and serve the empress”

Gu Nuoer looked at her, her black and watery eyes filled with a clear glimmer.

It was as if she had seen through everything.

Gu Nuoer said in a soft voice, “Elder Sister Shuzhen, dont pretend in front of me! I can see that you have a green glow on you.

“Previously, when I was reading in the library, Baby Nuo saw it.

They said that cultivators will have a light on them!”

Mu Shuzhen was stunned.

Ever since she entered the palace, this was the first person to directly reveal her secret.

And this person was actually a three-year-old princess!

Gu Nuoer took a sip of tea and stuck out her tongue from the bitterness.

“I dont like this.

Candy is better!”

She looked at Mu Shuzhen innocently and said, “Elder Sister Shuzhen deliberately followed us over.

Isnt it because you saw that Elder Sister AYun is plagued by bad luck

“Elder Sister Shuzhen is so concerned about everyones safety.

I think youre a good person, so you have to stay by Empress Mothers side!”

Mu Shuzhen was completely stunned this time.

The little princess had always been rumored to be a good daughter bestowed by the heavens.

However, she was only three years old.

Mu Shuzhen really didnt expect her to be so amazing.

Facing Gu Nuoers watery eyes, Mu Shuzhen no longer wanted to hide anything.

However, she cowered and said carefully, “Since Princess knows, why dont you just let Her Highness chase AYun away”

Judging from how much the Noble Consort Qiao doted on the princess, as long as the princess asked, she would definitely agree to it.

Gu Nuoer glanced at her, seeming a little surprised.

She stood on the ground, her small hands at her waist, looking like a small pearl that couldnt figure things out…

“Elder Sister Shuzhen, why are you so stupid Without AYun to bring bad luck, how would there be a chance for you to help Empress Mother

“Im helping you.

Aiya, youre so stupid! Dont you want to be valued by everyone”

Gu Nuoer shook her head and sighed as she spoke.

Her small face puffed up as she repeated, “Stupid, stupid~”


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