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At the same time, in the imperial study.

The Censorates Lord Zhang reported respectfully, “As Your Majesty has expected, that rich merchant, Ji Yongwang, just entered the capital four days ago.

“He immediately organized a banquet to welcome himself.

It was such a grand scene that would outdo even a sixth-grade official.”

Gu Nuoer sat on her fathers lap, swaying her fair and tender legs and stepping on the thrones armrest.

She grabbed a piece of pastry with her hands and was putting it into her mouth.

She looked at Censor Zhang with her big and watery eyes.

As Gu Yihan hugged his daughter, he sneered.

“Hes scared that others dont know that he bought an official position, so he made such a grand scene”

Censor Zhang nodded and said, “After this subjects investigation, Ji Yongwang has a good relationship with Minister Sheng.

However, I havent found any evidence that Minister Sheng is watching out for him.”

At this point, Censor Zhang quickly added, “However, this Ji Yongwang has invited some officials to his house as guests three days later.

“I believe that when the time comes, this subject can pretend to flatter him and find out some information to see if I can discover any leads.”

Gu Yihan waved his hand and said that there was no need to do that.


“Ive already decided to head to the banquet in your name.”

Censor Zhang was shocked.

“His Majesty wants to go personally You mustnt! Firstly, you have a noble status.

Secondly, some of the invited officials recognize you!”

Gu Yihan crossed his arms and said in a very casual tone, “Ive already planned on making them all not go on the day of the banquet.”


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The more Gu Yihan spoke, the more excited he became.

His cold eyes flickered with killing intent.

“Not only do I want to go, but I also want to bring Nuoer along.”

As he spoke, he gently touched Gu Nuoers forehead with his palm and smiled like a loving father.

“Although Nuoer is only three years old, its time to understand the treacherousness of this imperial court.

“Most importantly, she should know how those in power can flip their hands and instantly take peoples lives.

My Nuoer has to learn to play with human lives.”

Censor Zhang looked at the little princess lying in the emperors arms.

She looked fair and tender, not crying or making a fuss at all.

She just lay obediently in her fathers arms and ate the pastries.

Her chubby face was covered in pastry crumbs, but she didnt seem to be affected by what Gu Yihan said.


Censor Zhang was quite frightened.

His Majestys method of teaching children…

Censor Zhang smiled and asked, “Your Majesty, are you trying to let the little princess learn how to manipulate peoples hearts”

Gu Yihan wiped away the crumbs on Gu Nuoers and said without looking up, “Yes.

Its the same thing.”

They are too different, Your Majesty!

Censor Zhang didnt dare to have any objections.

He cupped his hands and said, “This subject will go make arrangements as per Your Majestys orders right away.”

After Censor Zhang left, Gu Nuoer asked in her childish voice, “Father, is this Merchant Ji very bad”

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows and didnt comment.

“If this person were to spend money to buy an official position and take the place of those poor children who had worked hard to pass the examinations to get to the position…

“And if hes also suspected of trafficking homeless girls, do you think this person is bad Is the money he earns through conscience-stricken means”

Gu Nuoer clenched her small fists tightly.

“Big baddie!”

When Gu Yihan saw how adorable his daughter was, he couldnt help but pick her up.

“Baby Nuo, remember this.

If you encounter bad people in this world, you have to be ruthless to them.”

The child puffed up her cheeks and nodded her chubby head.

“Yes! Ill go with Father and take his money to buy candies for good people!”

“Thats more like it.

Come, Baby Nuo, you havent mastered the wordsLove Father the most just now.

Write them a few more times for Father to see.”



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