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At the same time, Bai Yi and Ye Siming, who were far away in the training, were waiting for Eunuch Chunshou to pass the message.

Eunuch Chunshou brought the young eunuchs in and saw the legendary “Young Master Wolf King” Ye Siming.

He was stepping on an imperial guard and holding a wooden sword, looking valiant.

General Bai Yi was reprimanding from below the arena, “Siming, how can you humiliate people like this Remove your foot quickly!”

Ye Siming was in high spirits, his eyebrows were raised high, and he looked extremely youthful.

“He ambushed me first.

It was his fault.”

Eunuch Chunshou rubbed his hands and walked over with a smile.

“Uh… General Bai, Young Master Ye, this servant has come to pass a message on behalf of His Majesty.”

General Bai Yi quickly restrained his expression and turned to look at Eunuch Chunshou.

“Does His Majesty have any other instructions”

Chunshou smiled apologetically and said, “Your Majesty heard that Young Master Ye can single-handedly take on ten people and is very impressed.

Moreover, the little princess was also by his side.

She shows even greater admiration for Young Master Yes talent.”

The eunuch worded things very nicely.

He first praised Ye Siming to a great degree.


When Ye Siming heard Gu Nuoers name, he drew back his black boot and let the imperial guard go.

He came down from the arena and stood beside Bai Yi.

He sized up Eunuch Chunshou coldly, causing Chunshou to break out in cold sweat.

The job of passing on the message the emperor had sent him to do wasnt an easy task to do.

Putting aside that this Ye Siming had a strange temper, even if he were to use the reason of accompanying the princess and to interact with her first, he didnt know if Ye Siming would agree to it!

Eunuch Chunshou hesitated for a while before saying to General Bai Yi, “General, His Majesty has confidence in Young Master Yes skills.

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“Its just that as a guard… he has to interact more with Her Highness.

Therefore, His Majesty wants Young Master Ye to enter the palace every five days to accompany Her Highness.”

After saying this, Chunshous heart pounded.

Ordinary people couldnt even dream of accompanying the princess.

However, this Ye Siming was not an ordinary person.

In Eunuch Chunshous eyes, this was an uneducated killer.

At this moment, after hearing Chunshous words, Ye Simings eyes were cold, revealing a bone-piercing chill.

He seemed a little displeased.

General Bai Yi frowned.


He looked at Eunuch Chunshou and asked, “Previously, His Majesty was most concerned about whether Siming could protect the princess.

Why is he suddenly not required to train anymore”

Sweat broke out on Eunuch Chunshous forehead.

After thinking about it repeatedly, he could only say honestly, “This is also what the little princess wants.

General Bai knows that the princess is at the age where shes straightforward and naive.

She probably just wants to spend more time with Young Master Ye.”

As soon as Chunshou finished speaking, before Bai Yi could reply, Ye Siming said directly, “I accept.”

Eunuch Chunshou and General Bai Yi were both a little stunned.

Ye Siming was too easy to talk to today.

There was indeed something wrong.

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows.

“Isnt it just accompanying the princess and getting to know her better Its not difficult.”

How could Eunuch Chunshou have expected that the communication would be so smooth This Young Master Ye didnt have any objections at all.

He immediately beamed with joy.

“Then this servant wont disturb General Bai and Young Master Ye anymore.

Ill go back and report to His Majesty now.”

After Eunuch Chunshou left, Bai Yi looked at Ye Siming who was beside him.

“Do you really think its not bad”

Ye Siming gave him a sideward glance.

His expression was cold, and there was no lack of cold stars flickering in his eyes as if he was smiling.

“The princess is so cute.

Why wouldnt I agree”

After saying that, he walked in front, leaving Bai Yi behind.

Ye Siming narrowed his starry eyes and gave a cold smile.

The way Gu Nuoer had cried so pitiful, looking like a small meat bun, looked really interesting.

Moreover, she seemed to have an unexpected effect on suppressing the evil force in Ye Simings body.


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