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Ever since he got to know Gu Nuoer, he seemed to always see her smiling sweetly.

Her eyes were constantly filled with love.

Even when she saw him kill the sparrow at the Bai Manor, she only cried like a kitten.

He had never seen her so sad before.

Ye Siming stared blankly for a long time.

General Bai Yi sat beside him and put down the book.

He also noticed the scene of Gu Nuoer sending Nanny Hu off.

“To think the princess might speak in a headstrong manner, but is actually soft-hearted.

Yesterday, when I brought her out of the palace, I asked her why she didnt like Nanny Hu.

She even mentioned a few bad things about her.

I didnt expect that she had done this so Nanny Hu could leave the palace.”

Ye Siming turned around and said indifferently, “Does Nanny Hu still need her to do this to leave the palace”

General Bai Yi smiled.

“Youve just come to Great Qi and might not know this, but the princesss biological mother, Noble Consort Qiao, has control over the harem.

If Noble Consort Qiao doesnt want her to leave the palace…

“Even if Nanny Hu dies of old age in the palace, she wont be able to go home.

The princess probably feels that Nanny Hu is getting on in age, so she pretends to not like her.

Noble Consort Qiao naturally wont detain Nanny to stay then.”


Ye Siming looked sideways, his dark gaze enveloping the child who was walking back silently not far away.

His thin lips curled up and he said in a cold tone, “Youre still a child after all.

Your ideas are limited.

If you want Nanny Hu to go home, why go through so much trouble”

General Bai Yi said, “The princess has her own thoughts.

Even though shes young, shes very smart.”

Ye Siming didnt say anything.

It was only when Gu Nuoers figure disappeared that he lowered the curtain.

They waited for a while before the boy became a little impatient.

He frowned slightly and his eyes were cold.

Bai Yi sensed a hint of displeasure from him and explained, “His Majesty wants to train your skills before you accompany the princess to the state for classes.

“Later, an imperial guard will lead us to the training ground.

The imperial guards in the palace are all extremely skilled.

I dont know how much youve trained in the past.

“However, to them, you might still be lacking.

But that doesnt matter.

Ill teach you step by step.

Siming, you have a high comprehension ability.

There wont be a problem.”

Ye Siming crossed his arms gently and said calmly, “Im not interested in taking classes.”

Bai Yi glanced at him and said, “But the princess will need someone by her side to protect her when she goes to school.

Siming, youre indebted to the princess…”

The general stopped there and didnt continue.

He had thought that his words would cause this unruly boy to retort.

Unexpectedly, Ye Siming only frowned slightly and nodded noncommittally.

“I understand.”

He looked at Bai Yi.

“Late on, do I just have to defeat the people in the training ground”

General Bai Yi was stunned.

“Although thats the case, its only to train your skills.

If you dont feel well, Ill call for a stop in time.

Dont worry.”

Ye Siming sneered.

“You should worry about them.”

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In the afternoon, Gu Nuoer was lying on the emperors throne in Gu Yihans imperial study, having some pear soup.

The imperial study was very warm, causing the childs fair and tender face to turn red.

Gu Yihan sat on a small stool at the side and smiled as he watched his daughter eat heartily.

He wiped the water off the corner of her lips with his finger.

“Baby Nuo, do you like it Father knows that you like sweet food and specially got the imperial kitchen to prepare it.”

Gu Nuoer narrowed her eyes happily and said sweetly, “Father is so good!”

At this moment, Eunuch Chunshou came in, bowed, and reported, “Your Majesty, General Bai Yi has brought Young Master Ye into the palace today.

According to your instructions, they are now carrying out the test at the training ground.”

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows.

“Oh How many people did he last through before he collapsed”

Eunuch Chunshou paused for a moment.

“A small team of imperial guards with a total of nine people was subdued by Young Master Ye…”


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