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After Nanny Hu left, Gu Nuoer put down her spoon.

“Mother, Im full.

I want to go to Mother Yis place to visit Second Brother!”

After saying that, she quickly slipped off the stool and ran out.

Wanyin quickly asked, “Your Highness, do you want this servant to follow the princess”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled.

“No need.

This child has too many ideas.

She probably went to say goodbye.

“Since she doesnt want me to know, you dont have to follow her.

Nuoer has her own ideas.”

Wanyin scratched her head in confusion and replied, “Yes.”

Who was the little princess going to say goodbye to

Gu Nuoer ran quickly past a few palace gates with a small pouch in her hand and arrived near the imperial citys entrance.

She stopped, panting, supporting her knees with her small hands.


Her clear gaze swept back and forth and she saw a familiar figure among the people queuing up to leave the palace.

“Nanny Hu!” Gu Nuoer shouted softly and quickly ran over.

The white-haired old woman turned around and saw the little princess running towards her.

She quickly walked out of the line and staggered over.

“Princess, slow down.

Dont fall!”

Gu Nuoer immediately pounced into Nanny Hus arms.

When she looked up again, her big eyes were filled with tears…

“Im sorry, Nanny Hu, I can only lie to Mother like this.

Otherwise, she wont allow you to leave the palace!”

Nanny Hu was shocked.

“Princess, what do you mean”

Gu Nuoer sniffed.

“Mother wants to keep you in the palace for three years because of me, but I heard last time that Nannys grandson was born!

“I know that you also want to go home and play with your grandchild, so I came up with this plan.

Nanny, dont be sad.

Baby Nuo likes you very much!”

She stuffed the small pouch into Nanny Hus hands and cried, “This is the money I saved up to buy candy this year.

Nanny, take it.

Its Baby Nuos sincerity.”

Nanny Hu was very touched and her eyes turned red.

“Princess, you cant do that.

This old servant cant accept it!”

However, Gu Nuoer pressed her down with her small hands.

“No! Nanny must accept it.”

She touched a scar on the back of Nanny Hus hand.

This wound was caused when she was one year old.

She had mischievously tugged at the cloth on the table, causing the scissors on the table to fall off.

At the critical moment, Nanny Hu pounced over and fell heavily to the ground, catching the scissors for her.

At that moment, Nanny Hus hand was dripping with blood, but she comforted the little princess.

“Dont be afraid, dont be afraid.

Your Highness, dont be afraid.”

Although Gu Nuoer couldnt speak complete sentences back then, she was already sensible and knew that Nanny Hu was doing this for her.

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When Gu Nuoer saw this scar, she cried even harder.

“Nanny, you must be careful when you go home this time.

Dont walk in wet and slippery places.

“Be especially careful next month.

Baby Nuo will miss you after you leave.

You have to miss me too!”

Nanny Hus tears fell.

“Dear Princess, dont worry about this old servant.

This old servant will definitely take good care of myself.

I still have to wait to see the Princess grow up.”

Gu Nuoer nodded.

At this moment, the imperial guards brought over a carriage.

“Nanny Hu, the noble consort has ordered us to send you home since youre not feeling well.”

Nanny Hu had turned around and gotten into the carriage.

She looked at Gu Nuoer through the window with tears in her eyes.

Her silver hair made her look old under the sunlight.

Nanny Hu waved at her and the carriage drove towards the imperial citys gate.

Gu Nuoer chased after her for a few steps and shouted in a sobbing voice, “Goodbye, Nanny.

The mountains are high and the rivers are long.

May we meet again in the future!”

In a carriage on the other side, a boy lifted the curtains and saw everything.

This seemed to be the first time Ye Siming saw loneliness coming from the small figure in the distance.


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