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Bai Yi stood up and nodded, his eyes were like torches as he said, “Your Majesty, apart from the captives from the Yaoxia Kingdom, I also brought back something that I want to show you.”

As he spoke, he turned around and waved.

The soldiers dragged the wooden board over with chains and pulled over the box covered in black cloth to the front.

The officials immediately raised their heads and looked over.

They only saw a big box covered in black cloth and not what was inside.

Gu Nuoer fluttered her long eyelashes and watched curiously.

She sniffed with her small nose and felt that there was an unusual aura in the air.

Gu Yihan asked, “What is it”

Bai Yi looked a little troubled.

He cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty, please bring the little princess and the ministers further away.

Its said that thething in the cage is very fierce.”

When Gu Yihan heard this, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

In the end, he still carried the little princess and took two steps back.

The officials stood behind the emperor, probing their heads out to look.

Bai Yi turned and waved his hand slightly.

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The soldiers next to the cage removed the huge black cloth.


No one said anything, there were only gasps.

Gu Yihan frowned outright.

It turned out that it was not a box under the black cloth.

Instead, it was a huge metal cage more than a meter tall!

In the palace, such cages were used to imprison ferocious beasts like lions and tigers/

But now, a boy that was about eight years old was locked up in that cage!


Gu Nuoers bright eyes widened in Gu Yihans arms.

The boy in the cage had a handsome face.

One could already see his beautiful outline from the corners of his eyes down to his chin.

His gaze was extremely cold and carried a sense of danger.

They were now entering the coldest part of winter.

However, he was only wearing thin innerwear!

His long and slender fingertips were frozen red, but he did not seem to care at all.

He only used his cold and dangerous gaze to look straight at the little princess in the emperors arms!

Gu Nuoers eyes gradually lit up!

A pretty older brother!

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Gu Yihan frowned in surprise.

“General Bai, this is…”

Bai Yi explained, “I led people to the base of the Yaoxia Kingdom.

When I captured their general, I discovered this young boy locked in a cage.

“It is because your subject saw with my own eyes that he killed a fierce Yaoxia Kingdom militant with his bare hands through the cage, that I didnt dare to open the metal cage and brought it back to the capital as is.

Your subject wishes to ask Your Majesty to make a decision on this.”

When Prime Minister Ye, who was beside Gu Yihan, saw this, he reported, “I heard that the Yaoxia Kingdom has a cruel method of training death soldiers.

They throw a group of children into a wolf pack to fight when they are young.

“The children who could survive would be the Wolf Kings of the wolf packs.

In the future, only these children could command the beasts on the battlefield.

Could it be that his young boy was aWolf King they had not trained yet”

Gu Yihan frowned slightly.

“In that case, its better not to release him first.

Otherwise, it might be dangerous given that he is unbridled and hard to tame..”

However, at this moment, Eunuch Chunshou shouted, “Little Princess, you cant go over!”


Gu Yihan was shocked and looked down at his arms.

He did not know when Gu Nuoer had slipped down to the ground while he was stunned!


At this moment, Gu Nuoers little pink figure was moving her small legs and walking towards the metal cage.

And that dangerous boy was actually standing by the cage!

“Nuonuo!” Gu Yihan shouted and anxiously wanted to walk over.

“Your Majesty, you mustnt! Its dangerous!” All the officials hurriedly stopped the emperor.


If this boy were to suddenly go berserk and attack, it would be bad!

General Bai Yi instinctively wanted to draw the sword at his waist, but he only felt empty air!


This was bad.


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