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Madam Bai chuckled and stood up.

“Whats so difficult about that This subject used to follow Bai Yi to war and had worked as a kitchen maid in the camp for a long time!

“Princess, you can play for a while.

This subject will come and call you over for lunch at noon.”

Gu Nuoer nodded and replied sweetly.

“Auntie Bai, you can call me Baby Nuo.

Theres no need to be so distant!”

Madam Bai was stunned for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Before Madam Bai left, Gu Nuoer asked, “Auntie Bai, where is Elder Brother Siming I want to go and play with him!”

When Madam Bai heard Ye Simings name, she was a little hesitant.

She said, “Siming likes to sleep during the day.

He might not be up yet.

“If you walk along this long corridor, turn left, walk all the way to the end and then make a right turn, youll reach Simings courtyard.

If Princess wants to go, Ill get a maid to bring you there”

Gu Nuoer waved her small hand.

“Theres no need.

Baby Nuo can go by myself.

Auntie Bai, you can go do what you need to do!”

Madam Bai thought for a moment.

Thinking that the Bai Manor was only so big and that the little princess wouldnt get lost, she nodded and left.

After she went out, Gu Nuoer stuck her small head out of the door and looked around.

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It was drizzling and from time to time, one could see the servants from the Bai Manor walking along the long corridor.

Gu Nuoer walked in the direction that Madam Bai had mentioned.

The clothes that belonged to Madam Bais niece didnt fit her well and they looked a little big on her.

Gu Nuoer walked with great effort until she saw a festoon gate.

Behind the festoon gate, two plum trees covered a courtyard.

It was quiet inside and no one seemed to be walking around.

The child looked up hesitantly at the sky that was raining.

If she were to run into the courtyard, shed get drenched by the rain.

Gu Nuoer looked down at her slightly loose clothes and felt troubled.

Would she fall

The child made up her mind and raised her small hand to her mouth.

She leaned against the pillar under the corridor and shouted, “Elder Brother Siming, come and pick me up!”

The courtyard was quiet as if no one was in the house.

Gu Nuoer was not discouraged.

Her childish voice rose to a high pitch and was extremely soft.

“Elder Brother Siming! Ye! Si! Ming!”

Suddenly, with a bang, the door to the house in the courtyard was kicked open from the inside.

Ye Simings long hair was draped over his shoulders and he was wearing thin innerwear.

His thin and long eyebrows were filled with a manic look of having yet to wake up.

He looked at Gu Nuoer through the rain and gritted his teeth.

“Youre so noisy.”

However, Gu Nuoer did not care about his complaints at all.

She smiled happily and waved at him excitedly.

“Elder Brother Siming, come and pick me up! I cant run!”

Suddenly, she slipped on the water on the ground and fell backward.

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The child let out a stunned cry.


The pain she imagined from landing on her butt didnt come.

Instead, she was held firmly in someones hand.

Gu Nuoer blinked and turned to look at Ye Siming, who was next to her.

He was so fast that Gu Nuoer did not see when he appeared.

With him up close, she could see the water droplets on Ye Simings hair as well as the arrogance in his starry eyes clearly.

“Youre so stupid.

How can you fall like this”

Gu Nuoer wrapped her arms around his and said sweetly, “Elder Brother Siming, youre so amazing! You caught me so quickly!”

As she spoke, the child rubbed her face against his sleeve.

She kicked her legs in the air.

A hint of awkwardness flashed across Ye Simings face and he put Gu Nuoer down.

Gu Nuoer stepped on the ground and smiled even more brightly, like a sunflower, at Ye Siming.

Ye Siming couldnt help but squat down and look at her.

“What are you doing here”


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