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General Bai Yi was stunned.


The princess had such an ability!

General Bai Yis wife, who had rushed over, was stunned for a moment before running over happily.

“It has blossomed! It has blossomed!” Madam Bai Yi was overjoyed.

She circled the peony flower a few times and looked at it.

“Princess, how did you do it”

She was a person who loved flowers and was so touched that tears were about to come out.

“This subject has taken good care of it for more than a month, but the flower bud doesnt bloom.

Princess is really amazing!”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and said honestly and childishly, “It says that its afraid of the cold and wants to enter the house.

Uncle Bai Yi, Auntie Bai, let it into the house!”

Madam Bai Yi quickly instructed the servants to do as instructed.

At this moment, the sky which had only a few dark clouds suddenly started to rain.

The winter rain was extremely cold.

General Bai Yi quickly escorted Gu Nuoer to the corridor.

The blanket was already wet and couldnt be used anymore.

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After Gu Nuoer threw the blanket away, she revealed the clothes that were buttoned wrongly, a small foot with a sock, and another without.

Even her hair was draped over her shoulders.

Looking at Gu Nuoers round and fair face, Madam Bai Yis heart ached a little for her.

Gu Nuoer looked up and reached out her small hand to catch the rain.

General Bai Yi took the opportunity to tell his wife about how the princess had sneaked out of the palace.

Madam Bai glared at him and scolded, “Why did you only say this now Why didnt you instruct someone to come to the residence in advance so that I could prepare in advance”

General Bai Yi muttered helplessly, “It happened too suddenly.

I didnt think too much about it.”

Madam Bai walked to Gu Nuoers side and asked gently, “Little Princess, can you come over with this subject This subject will help you redo your clothes and hair.”

When the child heard this, she nodded obediently and reached out her small hand to Madam Bai.

She meant for her to hold it.

Madam Bai was stunned and gently took Gu Nuoers small hand.

In that instant, she felt a touch that was softer than cotton.

Gu Nuoers finger bones seemed to be even more fragile than those flowers.

Madam Bai didnt have her own children.

After taking in Ye Siming, he didnt need her to take care of him.

She was both excited and nervous to suddenly have to take care of such a small child.

Seeing that his wife had taken the princess away, Bai Yi waved his hand and called for the butler to arrange for someone to go into the palace to report to the emperor.

“You must explain it clearly.

Its not that I had taken the princess away, but that the princess wanted to come out with me.

Tell His Majesty, not to worry.

Ill definitely send the princess back before it gets dark.”

In the room, Madam Bai took out a set of childrens clothes from very long ago.

“Princess, there are no clothes for girls in our residence.

Theres only this set that was left behind by my niece when she came a year ago.

Ill have to aggrieve you to wear it first.

Its raining outside, so keeping warm is the most important thing now.”

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Gu Nuoer was very obedient and said softly, “Madam Bai, Ill listen to everything you say.

Im already being a bother by coming to your residence.

Ill agree to anything you say.”

When she said this, her long eyelashes fluttered, making the light in her big eyes shine.

Madam Bai was screaming in her heart, wondering why the little princess was so obedient and cute.

Not only did she look exquisite and adorable like a porcelain doll, but she was also so lovable.

Madam Bai suppressed the urge to hug Gu Nuoer in her arms and helped her to dress up before helping her to braid her hair again.

She smiled and said, “Your Highness, what do you want to eat for lunch Your subject will go and instruct the kitchen to prepare it.”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and thought for a moment before asking softly, “Auntie Bai, can we eat meat meat”


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