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The next day, Gu Nuoer had just woken up.

The childs cheeks were pink.

She rolled over and opened her round eyes to look around.

In the process of waking up, she realized that her father had probably gone to the morning court and wasnt by her side.

Her mother wasnt lying beside her either.

Gu Nuoer sat up by herself and rubbed her eyes with her small hands.

She had always had an outstanding sense of hearing.

At this moment, she heard the sound of Wanyin and Wanxuan talking to each other softly in the outer hall.

“His Majesty went to interrogate Consort Xiao this morning and she insisted that she didnt know that the assassin was hiding in her palace.

She said it so passionately that I almost believed her!”

“Fortunately, Her Highness is more skilled and had long guessed that she would deny this.

Therefore, she tortured that assassin in advance.

The assassin confessed that Consort Xiao gave him a large sum of money.

“The Palace Affairs Bureau went to check on Consort Xiaos expenses for the year and discovered that three months ago, there was a record for a large sum of money withdrawn.

The claim was that the money was to be used for her mother, who was sick.

“However, after a thorough investigation, the emperor discovered that Consort Xiaos mother didnt fall sick during that period.

After the truth was revealed, Consort Xiao confessed and said that she was jealous of Her Highness for having a daughter.

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“She originally wanted to poison the empress and find an opportunity to frame Her Highness, but who knew that the little princess would see through it In the end, she was sentenced to death by the emperor.

She really deserved it.

She didnt even know that our princess…

“Is it a lucky star Going against a lucky star is simply asking for trouble.”

At this point, Wanyin stood up.

“The noble consort is still at His Majestys place and wont be back anytime soon.

Ill go and see if the princess has woken up.”

Wanxuan added, “Before Her Highness left, she instructed that Nanny Hu, who teaches etiquette, will be coming today.

If the princess has woken up later, well call for Nanny Hu to come over.”

When Gu Nuoer heard Nanny Hus name, her small body stiffened.

She quickly lay back down under the blanket.

Only after Wanyin came in did the child pretend to be woken up by her footsteps.

Gu Nuoer, who had just woken up, was fair and tender like a small pearl.

Her cheeks were pink and looked sweet and delicious.

It made one really want to kiss her.

Wanyin smiled faintly and picked up Gu Nuoer.

“Princess, have you woken up Are you hungry Shall I get the imperial kitchen to bring over your favorite red bean cake”

Perhaps it was Wanyins imagination, but the princess didnt seem to be in a good mood today.

Gu Nuoer placed her small hands around Wanyins neck, her entire body limp.

She said in a weak voice, “Elder Sister Wanyin, Baby Nuo is feeling dizzy today~”

When Wanyin heard this, she immediately became nervous.

“Whats wrong Did you get scared last night Shall I help you call the imperial physician over”

Call for an imperial physician Wouldnt that expose her!

Gu Nuoer shook her head and said softly, “Dont trouble Uncle Imperial Physician.

If Father and Mother find out, theyll be worried!

“Elder Sister Wanyin, can you carry Baby Nuo out for a walk and take a breather”

Wanyins face was filled with worry.

She used the back of her hand to test the temperature of Gu Nuoers forehead.

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It was very normal.

She wondered where the little princess was feeling unwell.

Wanxuan heard the commotion and walked in.

When she found out that Gu Nuoer wasnt feeling well, she also became anxious.

“Lets hurry up and tell Her Highness” Wanxuan suggested.

Wanyin thought for a long time and frowned.

“But Her Highness and His Majesty are handling the matter of the assassin.

Isnt it bad to go and notify them now”

Wanxuan was anxious.

“Nothing can be more important than the princess!”

Wanyin felt that what Wanxuan said made sense and said, “How about this You go and notify Her Highness while Ill go call Nanny Hu over.

I heard that Nanny Hu used to be a female physician.

“She knows how to take care of some illnesses and can also give massages.

Her Highness had also wanted to call her over to give etiquette lessons anyway.

Lets split up and be fast.”


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