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For some reason, Noble Consort Qiao didnt look at her with a sharp expression.

However, it clearly made Chen Miaoshuang feel a heavy sense of oppression.

It was like… a high and mighty person who could decide life and death was looking at an ant.

After being looked at by Noble Consort Qiao, Chen Miaoshuangs calls for the emperor stopped.

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer and walked to Gu Yihans side.

The mother and daughter didnt say anything.

However, Gu Nuoer reached out her small hands and Gu Yihan naturally took her and protected her tightly in his arms.

The emperor looked at the imperial guards who were holding onto Chen Miaoshuang.

“Where was the assassin hiding”

“Your Majesty, your subordinates chased the assassin to the Music Bureau.

While capturing the assassin, we also confiscated three to four sharpened treasured swords.

“After interrogations, its found that all of them were owned by this performer.

The commander has ordered that she is to be taken to the Ministry of Justice to be strictly watched and be punished according to the palaces rules.”

Gu Yihan looked at Chen Miaoshuang, his handsome eyes filled with coldness and suspicion.

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Chen Miaoshuangs heart sank.

She had a bad feeling about this.

At this moment, Noble Consort Qiao said indifferently, “Ever since I had Nuoer, no matter how much your consort likes sword dance, I had kept all the sharp ones away.

“I was afraid that they might accidentally hurt the child.

Although this performer violates the palaces rules, after thinking about it, she probably just wants to make Your Majesty happy.

Your Majesty, why not show her mercy”

After she said this lightly, Gu Yihans brows furrowed even deeper.

He lowered his head and looked at the child in his arms.

Gu Nuoer grabbed her fathers collar tightly, looking like she was completely relying on and trusting him.

She fluttered her long eyelashes, her bright eyes looking obedient, and her round face looked quiet.

Gu Yihan felt even more guilty.

How could he ignore his daughters safety over a moment of enjoyment


When he heard that there were assassins in the palace, the first thing he did was to rush out of the imperial study and run to the Qiushui Palace to confirm if Gu Nuoer was safe.

Although Chen Miaoshuang might not have anything to do with the assassin…

However, the sharp swords she hid were very likely to create an opportunity for assassins to hurt his daughter!

It was better to be safe than sorry.

This was a treasure that he had yearned for very long and had even begged the heavens and the gods before he received it!

Gu Yihan gently stroked Gu Nuoers head with his big hand and turned to walk into the Qiushui Palace, leaving behind a heartless order—

“She might have some relations with the assassin given how she had been secretly hiding weapons.

Take her away and punish her severely.”

When the imperial guards heard this, they knew what the emperor meant.

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There was only one explanation for getting involved with an assassin and being severely punished.

That was death!

However, in front of the little princess, the emperor had always been very careful not to speak of killing for fear of scaring her.

Eunuch Chunshou nodded and bowed.

“This servant will go and supervise it.”

Gu Nuoer leaned on Gu Yihans shoulder and tilted her head, blinking.

She didnt know what this meant, but she was indeed sleepy.

Gu Yihan felt the child let out a long yawn.

He smiled and said gently, “Baby Nuo, dont be afraid.

Father wont go anywhere tonight.

Ill coax you to sleep.”

When the father and daughter entered the hall, Noble Consort Qiao was still standing there.

Her phoenix eyes glanced at Chen Miaoshuang, who was looking at her in fear.

Eunuch Chunshou said respectfully to Noble Consort Qiao, “Your Highness, this servant will take the sinner away first.”

Noble Consort Qiao nodded slightly.

Chen Miaoshuang was dragged away.

She looked at Noble Consort Qiao in horror until Noble Consort Qiaos beautiful face disappeared.

It was only at this moment that Chen Miaoshuang realized how stupid it was for her to want to compete with Noble Consort Qiao.

Just a simple word from her could take her life.

Unfortunately, she understood this too late.


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