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Gu Nuoer nodded happily, her eyes curving into crescents and gleaming.

Gu Zitang brought Gu Nuoer back to the palace and the siblings made their way to the cold palace with great familiarity.

They dug out the box from the familiar place.

Gu Zitang placed the silver neatly inside.

Thereafter, the second prince took his sisters hand and walked along the palaces path.

He had to send Gu Nuoer back to the Qiushui Palace first.

On the way, Gu Zitang affirmed for one last time.

“Nuoer, you remember what you promised Brother, right This silver was earned by us.

If anyone were to ask…

“Where did the remaining money we have left after we go out to play go, how should you reply”

Gu Nuoer held onto her fabric tiger and walked slowly.

“I need to say, Baby Nuo doesnt know!”

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Gu Zitang patted her head, feeling consoled.

“Sister is so obedient.”

“But,” Gu Nuoer blinked, feeling puzzled, “Second Brother, are you afraid that Mother Yi will snatch your money”


Gu Zitang nodded seriously.

“My mother is a smart person.

Every new year, she would say that she would help me take care of the red packet my grandfather gave me!


“However, it eventually became hers.

Sister, you must know that the reason Brother is so independent is because I was forced by my mother to become so.”


Gu Nuoers pink lips turned into a circle.


She swayed her head and thought about it.

Thank goodness her mother didnt know money.


At the thought of this, Gu Nuoer tilted her small head.

Uh, what did her mother like

In her impression, her mother, Noble Consort Qiao, was extremely beautiful and charming.

She also called the shots in the harem.

She never seemed to have anything she showed special interest in.

As the child went into deep thought, she arrived at the Qiushui Palace with Gu Zitang.

Before the two of them entered, they heard laughter coming from inside.

“Noble Consort Sister, Zitang has had exceptional talent since young and even my father often praises that hes born with the qualities of a merchant.”

Noble Consort Qiaos calm voice sounded, “Even though that may be the case, the second prince is, after all, the oldest among all the princes apart from the first prince.

“His Majesty has high hopes for him.

You shouldnt always fight with him over money either.

You should nurture him in civil and military skills from a young age.”

A bad feeling flashed past Gu Zitangs peach blossom eyes.

That was bad! His mother was here!

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He squatted down and said to Gu Nuoer softly, “Sister, you can go in yourself from here.

Second Brother will just send you up till here.”


Gu Zitang hadnt expected that the moment he finished his words…

Noble Consort Qiaos head palace maid, Wanyin, came out to refill the tea.

She happened to see that the siblings had already walked to the steps.

Wanyin smiled and called out, “Your Highness, Princess, the two of you are back”

It was too late for Gu Zitang to run.


Consort Yis voice rang out from the hall with a hint of dominance, “Zitang, why are you still not bringing your sister in”

Gu Zitang gritted his teeth.

The wordunlucky seemed to be flashing in his beautiful peach blossom eyes.

Gu Nuoer hugged the fabric tiger and asked, “Second Brother, youre not leaving anymore”

Gu Zitang mumbled softly, “The tigress is here, theres no leaving anymore!”


After the siblings entered, Gu Nuoer saw her extremely beautiful mother seated in the main seat.

Noble Consort Qiaos hair was still neat and her clothes were like piles of snow.

She was indescribably beautiful and her eyes were filled with arrogance.

The beautiful woman seated on her right had an oval face and crescent eyebrows.

When she did not smile, the corners of her lips were still curled up slightly.

Her almond-shaped eyes were bright and revealed a shrewdness of one that was not easy to fool.

Gu Nuoer ran over and flew into her mothers arms.

Thereafter, the child raised her head and called out sweetly, “Mother Yi! Nuonuo hasnt seen you for very long, I really miss you!”


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