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The girl in the yellow dress was taken by surprise.

She frowned and looked out curiously, wondering whod be so daring.

However, she only saw the corner of a set of clean clothes.

The girl in the purple dress beside her had a pair of shrewd upturned eyes.

At this moment, her eyes darted around and she then said.

“Why dont we give in to them this time The price has increased by four times.

Thats around a thousand silver taels.

“Were just out to buy clothes.

Theres no need to be angry and spend so much money!”

The father of the girl in the purple dress was the Minister of Rites.

Her family upbringing was quite strict, and she was afraid that she would be scolded by her father when she returned.

Moreover, they did not bring along so much money with them!

“No!” The girl in the yellow dress refused to yield.

“Why should I lower my head to him I, Sheng Tingchun, have never yielded to anyone before.

“You dont have to be scared either.

At most, we can just renege on the payment.

Would he dare to go to my house to ask for the money Shop assistant! Go tell him that Ill add another 2,000 taels.”

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The shop assistants eyes opened wide.

3,000 taels!

Thatd be enough to buy down their entire shop.

He was sandwiched in the middle and his legs went limp.

The girl in the yellow dress kept urging him, so he could only go out and pass on the message as he was told to.

Gu Zitang frowned coldly.

“With such a tough temper, it seems that she has never suffered before.”

He was just about to raise the price to 5,000 taels when Gu Nuoer tugged at his sleeve.

“Second Brother~” Gu Nuoers eyes were gleaming with shrewdness.

“Baby Nuo has an idea!”

Gu Zitang put his ears close to listen.

The child whispered a few lines to him.

The second princes eyes suddenly lit up.

He suddenly laughed and tapped Gu Nuoers little nose.

“Baby Nuo, I didnt expect you to be so smart.”


Gu Nuoer shook her head happily.

The tassels on her buns were shining.

Gu Zitang said to the shop assistant, “Alright, tell the people inside that we wont fight anymore.

Itll be a total of three thousand taels.

Ill send someone to ask for money from the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Rites.”

After saying that, he really turned to call for his attendant to come over.

“Go run an errand.

Take my token with you and head to these two houses to ask wholl be responsible for this payment.”

The shop assistant was stunned.

He quickly went into the shop to tell the two young misses about this.

The girl in the purple dress was the first to feel scared.

She quickly ran out.

Before she saw anyone, she shouted in surprise, “Dont go to the Minister of Rites residence.

This payment has nothing to do with me.

Its all Miss Shengs idea!”

If they were to go to her place, her father would whack her butt till they were swollen.

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The girl in the yellow dress, Sheng Tingchun, came chasing after her.

She pointed at the girl in the purple dress and scolded, “Fang Jinyu, what are you afraid of My father wont ignore us!”

However, just as their gazes shifted to Gu Zitang, their expressions instantly turned into shock.

“Second… Second Prince!” Sheng Tingchun could no longer act arrogantly as she did before.

She and Fang Jinyu had seen the second prince at the palace banquet.

Furthermore, in a year or two, the second prince would be at the age to discuss marriage.

All the girls in the capital wanted to marry him and become the princess consort.

It was because the second prince was simply the representative figure of power and money!

Why were they so unlucky to have offended him

At the next second, Fang Jinyu saw Gu Nuoer, who was in Gu Zitangs arms.

She was very surprised.


Oh no, this was bad.

If she were to offend the second prince, shed at most get a beating.

However, if the princess was unhappy, shed lose her life!


The corners of Gu Zitangs lips curled up in mockery, and his peach blossom eyes were filled with disdain.

“I didnt know that a young miss from a famous family could do something that would bring such humiliation to their family.

“Where are you guys placing the commoners interests when you act so domineering in the capital I advise you to go home quickly.

Otherwise, when my attendant arrives, we wont know what the consequences would be.”


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