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Wanxuan carried Gu Nuoer and moved a little to the side.

“Princess, lets not go over there to look at the ferocious beasts.

They are too scary.

Shall this servant carry you to go see the little rabbits”

However, Gu Nuoer saw the big black bear banging its head against the cage repeatedly.

Her round eyes revealed sorry feelings.

The child struggled to get down.

“Elder Sister Wanxuan, go get the palace servants to bring meat meat here and feed the bear bear!”

As Gu Nuoer had gotten a few steps closer, the black bear let out angry roars.

Wanxuan was so frightened that she panicked.

She quickly went forward and held Gu Nuoers little hand.

“Princess, dont get close.

This servant will call the palace servants to bring meat over.”

The black bears fur was sharp as if they were as hard as iron.

The size of that bears paws felt like they could send the little princess flying with a slap.

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As Wanxuan pulled Gu Nuoer, she shouted at the eunuch guarding the garden not far away.

“Little Lezi.

Go and get some meat.

The princess wants to feed the bear!”

The young eunuch agreed.

Not long later, he came carrying out a big basin of bloody meat.

He kept crying out, “Its too heavy!”

There were many times when he almost dropped the basin onto the floor.

Wanxuan frowned.


She looked at the princess.

The latter only stood there and watched the bear.

It seemed as if she wasnt planning on getting any closer.

Wanxuan released the princesss hand gently and quickly ran toward Little Lezi, helping him to lift the other side of the basin.

“Little Lezi, youre considered half a man, but you only have this bit of strength.

Where are the others in the lion and tiger garden Why are you the only one here”

The young eunuch complained, “Sister Wanxuan, dont be scoffing at me anymore.

Today, General Bai Yi brought his foster son into the palace.

“I heard that he wants to test how good that young master is at controlling ferocious beasts.

The other palace servants in the garden have all gone to help!”

Wanxuan had a bit of an impression of this.

“Oh, that young master by the name of Ye Siming”

Little Lezi was about to reply when he suddenly screamed and let go of his hand.

Wanxuan was unable to hold the meat basin by herself and it dropped onto the ground.

With a loud plonk, the bloody meat splattered all over the floor.

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Wanxuan followed Little Lezis gaze and looked over.

She was immediately so frightened that her face turned pale.

“Princess! You mustnt go over!”

Gu Nuoer was already standing in front of the cage and was about to put her small hand in.

That black bear bared its teeth and revealed a fierce expression.

Its mouth was wide open, being able to bite off the princesss tender arm with one bite!

Wanxuan was so frightened that her legs turned limp.

She quickly ran over.

“Princess, dont put out your hand!”

However, it was already too late.

The childs fair hand had already entered the cage.

The black bear suddenly raised its head and looked like it was about to bite down!

At the critical moment, a figure almost came falling from the sky.

He landed steadily beside Gu Nuoer.

He pressed a hand on Gu Nuoers head and pulled her back…

In an instant, the childs hand left the cage.

The black bear bit nothing.

Almost at the same time, the boy holding Gu Nuoer down bared his teeth and let out a low cry that was like a wolfs!

The black bear looked like it had encountered its nemesis.

It suddenly took a step back.

It laid its body low to the ground, looking at Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming, panting heavily from its throat.

Gu Nuoer turned and looked at the boy next to her, not looking like she was afraid at all.

Instead, her big eyes blinked.

“Elder Brother Siming, what are you doing”

Ye Siming was wearing a dark red outfit today.

His long hair was tied tightly with a black ribbon into a clean ponytail.

He gave off a handsome youthful vibe.

He frowned, looking at Gu Nuoer as if he was sizing up a fool.

“Do you know that it can bite off your hand”


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