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Gu Yihan chuckled and tapped the tip of his daughters nose.

“Youre such a smart child.

If you encounter such a thing next time, you have to tell Father too.

Father will definitely protect Nuoer.”

Gu Nuoer happily rubbed her head against Gu Yihans neck.

“Father is the best.

Baby Nuo likes Father the most.”

Recalling that Noble Consort Qiao was still at the side, the child quickly added, “I also like Mother and Empress Mother the most!”

The few of them looked at each other and smiled.

Noble Consort Qiao went forward and carried Gu Nuoer away, leaving the emperor to talk to the empress alone.

Because of this incident, Gu Yihan definitely had a lot to ask the empress.

Before they left, Gu Nuoer leaned on her mothers shoulder.

She stretched out her little hand and waved at the empress who was on the sickbed.

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“Empress Mother~ Youll get better~ The next time Baby Nuo comes, Ill bring you candies!”

The empress was extremely touched.

She had been taking medicine all year round and had almost forgotten what sweetness tasted like.

She nodded with tears in her eyes.

“Be good and go back with your mother.”

The child kept waving her hand.

No one saw blue spiritual energy slowly flowing out from the tips of her fair fingers.

Gradually, they all fused into the space between the empresss eyebrows.

Empress Mother is a good person.

You must recover quickly.

As Noble Consort QIao carried Gu Nuoer to their palace, the child was very happy.

“Mother, weve done another good deed today!”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled dotingly.

“Little Baby Nuo, youre Mothers lucky star, right”

Wanyin continued, “Thats right! If it wasnt for the princesss decisiveness, pulling this servant to go look for His Majesty…

“Your Highness would have been framed by that Qinghe today.

Although His Majesty wont believe it, hed still have to call for an investigation according to the procedures.

“When that happens, rumors will spread in the palace.

Itd be too unfair to Your Highness!”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and didnt say anything.

Her arrogant eyes were filled with nonchalance.

She was scheming and cautious.

There was no one who could hurt her.


When Noble Consort Qiao thought of this, her ears suddenly hurt!

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The beautiful woman immediately cried out, “Baby Nuo, youve hooked onto Mothers earring!”

The child didnt expect this to happen either.

She had been rubbing against her mother.

And the ribbon on her bun hairstyle got entangled with her mothers earring!

Gu Nuoer waved her small hands frantically.

“Elder Sister Wanyin, Elder Sister Wanxuan, hurry up and come save Mother!”

The more she moved, the tighter the entanglement with the earring!

When they finally removed the tangle, Noble Consort Qiaos fair earlobe had already turned red.

Gu Nuoers heart ached a lot when she saw this.

She pouted her small mouth and said, “Mother, Im sorry.

Baby Nuo will blow at it for you~”

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer and thought of the arrogance in her heart a moment ago, which ended up in her becoming a spectacle.

She couldnt help but chuckle.

“Seriously, you… Mother has been amazing my entire life, but ends up losing to the hands of a little fellow like you.”

Gu Nuoer wrapped her chubby arms around her mothers neck carefully.

“Mother, what do you mean by losing to the hand Nuoers hands are so small, can they defeat Mother too”

She had just finished saying these when the few of them broke out laughing.

With the sunlight shining down, it was a very harmonious and beautiful scene.

The next day, Noble Consort Qiao wanted to go to see the scene of Qinghe being surrounded by the consorts and concubines in the harem.

She didnt allow Gu Nuoer to go for fear that shed get a scare.

Therefore, Noble Consort Qiao had Wanxuan carry Gu Nuoer to go take a walk in the lion and tiger garden in the palace.

This child had liked small animals since young.

When Wanxuan brought Gu Nuoer to the lion and tiger garden, there was a black bear pacing around in the cage anxiously.

It had been hibernating in the mountains when it was caught by a general and gifted to the emperor as a plaything.


At this moment, in the cage, it was anxious and uneasy, looking very fierce.

It even knocked against the cage incessantly, giving Wanxuan a scare.


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