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The empress Du Yilan and Noble Consort Qiao were close friends from a long time ago.

Later on, both of them entered the palace in succession and supported each other.

They never had a conflict between them.

The deep friendship between the two of them made the people in the harem who wanted to drive a wedge between them helpless.

The empress had blocked many attacks meant for the noble consort.

After Noble Consort Qiao gave birth to Gu Nuoer, everyone thought that she was going to take over the current empresss position and enter the phoenix palace.

Unexpectedly, Noble Consort Qiao said that she would definitely not fight with the empress.

“Its not that I dont like the throne, but as long as Her Majesty is in power, I will never fight for it.”

When Gu Nuoer was just born, Empress Du Yilan brought her to live in Fengyi Palace.

The child had a very deep impression of the empress.

She was an absolutely gentle person.

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It was a pity that something happened three years ago, not long after Gu Nuoer was born.

The Empress was assassinated with poison.

Not only was the mastermind not found, but her condition also got worse day by day!

Every time Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer to visit, the empress would keep on coughing weakly after saying just a few words.

She was so sick that she spent her days in bed and even walking out of the Fengyi Palace was a wishful dream!

Everyone started to say that the empress wouldnt have long to live.

Gu Yihan also didnt allow Noble Consort Qiao to bring Gu Yihan to the Fengyi Palace anymore.


He was afraid that the empresss illness might spread to the little Nuoer.

Gu Nuoer was very good at sensing the changes in peoples moods.

Her mother, Noble Consort Qiao, was currently smiling gently in front of her.

However, she could sense the flicker of worry that flashed past the depths of her mothers eyes.

Her mother must also be very scared that her good friend would leave her.

Gu Nuoer reached out her small hand and tugged at Noble Consort Qiaos sleeve.

“Mother, can you bring Nuonuo to go visit Empress Mother”

Noble Consort Qiao was stunned for a moment, then smiled helplessly.

“But Nuonuo, your father has instructed that it isnt allowed to bring you there.

Hes afraid that youll fall sick too.”

Gu Nuoer quickly shook her small head, her eyes bright and round.

“Mother, Nuonuo isnt afraid! Well go secretly and not tell Father.

“Nuonuo is a lucky star and will make Empress Mother happy! Maybe shed get better from her illness then!”

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Faced with the childs great effort in consoling her, Noble Consort Qiao felt a little better.

She smiled and stroked Gu Nuoers small face.

“Alright, then Mother will bring you to go visit her.

But your Empress Mother isnt well.

“She wont be able to talk to Nuonuo for too long.

Well just go there for a bit then come back, alright”

Gu Nuoer nodded.

As Noble Consort Qiao didnt wish to alarm others, she didnt mobilize too many people.

She carried Gu Nuoer by herself and then only brought Wanyin, Wanxuan, and two eunuchs along, taking a small sedan to the Fengyi Palace.

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer and walked up the stairs.

Cailuan, who had been hit earlier, was standing by the entrance.

She immediately noticed the noble consort right away.

Cailuan was very nervous.

Could it be that Noble Consort Qiao had regretted her decision and came looking for trouble


Noble Consort Qiao might have noticed Cailuans nervousness.

She looked at her indifferently and said, “Ive brought Nuonuo to come to visit the empress.

Bring up a plate of snacks and a pot of hot tea.”

“Yes, this servant will go right away!” Cailuan secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Wanyin and Wanxuan held up the curtains for Noble Consort Qiao and the latter entered, carrying Gu Nuoer.

They had just entered when they heard the empresss intense coughing coming from inside.

Gu Nuoers little nose sniffed.

The medicinal smell here had gotten stronger than it was when she came a very long time ago.

“Yayu, did you come” a weak voice rang out from inside.

Yayus was Noble Consort Qiaos name before she got married.

“Elder Sister Lan, its me.

I brought Nuonuo to come and visit you.” Noble Consort Qiao entered the room quickly.


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