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Gu Zitang couldnt stand listening to it anymore.

He carried Gu Nuoer and turned to leave.

“You can go and study those strange medical skills of yours.

Dont scare Nuoer!”

The third prince followed behind them while Gu Nuoer leaned on her second brothers shoulder and blinked her big eyes.

“Third Brother, why do you want to find the decaying bone flower so much Arent there many medicinal herbs that can replace it”

The third prince lowered his eyes.

“The decaying bone flower is very effective.

Ive tried using it once, but because they are scarce, I cant use them all to save people.”

Save people

Upon hearing this, Gu Nuoer became excited.

She kicked her legs, wanting to get down.

The second prince put her down and she ran to the third princes side.

She raised her head and smiled.

“Third Brother, who do you want to save Take Baby Nuo along with you.”

The third prince pondered for a moment.

“Do you really want to know Im afraid the scene will be a little bloody and Im worried that youll feel scared…”

Gu Nuoer waved her small hands and took the initiative to extend two chubby arms.

“Third Brother, Im the boldest.

Didnt you see how things were at the cold palace just now

“Second Brother was so scared that he almost peed his pants.

However, Baby Nuo didnt panic at all.

Third Brother, carry me.

Bring me to see whats going on!”

The second prince was anxious.

“Sister, you cant say that about me.

Third Brother, Im telling you, I had specially invited Sister out to play with me.

If you want to play with her, youll have to ask Mother Qiao!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the third prince seemed to not have heard him and had already bent down to pick Gu Nuoer up.

“Second Brother, Ill be taking Sister away.

If youre angry, just stay angry first.

When we come back, Ill go and apologize to you.”

With that, the third prince carried Gu Nuoer and strode away.

Gu Zitang was so angry that he stomped his feet on the spot.

“Gu Ziyao! Youre too much! Its New Years Eve today.

How can you keep Sister to yourself!”

With that, he lifted his robe and chased after them.

The three siblings got into a carriage.

The wheels of the carriage crushed the snow and drove out of the palace.

What Gu Zitang and Gu Nuoer didnt expect was that the place the third prince, Gu Ziyao, had brought them to, turned out to be the military camp.

Many of the capitals soldiers usually stayed in the military camp located in the suburbs.

They trained day after day just to serve the empire if war was to erupt one day.

This was a well-trained group that was usually unknown.

When the three of them got off the carriage, the second prince, Gu Zitang, couldnt help but cover his sister up.

“Its all men here.

Nuoer is still too young.

Im afraid its not appropriate for them to see how cute my sister is.”

Gu Nuoer pried his robe open.

The child lectured Gu Zitang softly, “Second Brother! Were here to save people.”

The second prince hugged his sister tightly.

“Save what Theres no war now and there are military doctors in the military camp.

I think Third Brother is just making a fuss over nothing

At this moment, the third prince turned around and called out to his two siblings, “Come with me.”

He led the second prince and Gu Nuoer into the military camp.

However, they were stopped by the soldiers when they reached the entrance.

The third prince took out his token as if he was used to it.

“I brought my second brother and my sister to inspect the injured.”

When the soldiers heard this, they realized that these two people were the second prince and the princess.

They immediately welcomed the three of them respectfully.

A middle-aged man who looked like a military advisor rushed over when he heard the commotion.

“This subject greets the second prince, third prince, and the little princess.

May I ask if His Majesty has any instructions for us”

Even the emperors most beloved princess was here.

Did the emperor have any orders for them



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