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Ye Siming stood at the entrance of the scripture, surrounded by raging flames from both sides.

He panted heavily and his gaze was deep, but he did not enter the scripture tower even after a long time had passed.

That was because, through the gap in the door, he could see the four guardian deities surrounding the Bodhisattva.

He was a demon god of extreme evil, born to clash with gods and Buddhas.

If he were to enter the scripture tower, it would definitely cause the evil force in his body to become agitated.

At the same time, it was more likely to summon out those ferocious demonic beasts in the Revert Ruination Realm.

They would drag him back to the abyss he had been in the past at all costs.

Therefore, Ye Siming hesitated.

The voice in his heart told him, “Gu Nuoer is a passerby in your life.

She is just a most inconspicuous mortal.

“Her life is as insignificant as grass to you.

Why should you care about her life If she dies, you wont have to repay her kindness.

You should leave the capital and roam the world!”

Ye Siming clenched his fists, his deep eyes filled with ripples.

Gu Nuoers bright eyes flashed across his mind.

It was as if she would never be injured and had the power to bring everyone joy and happiness.

However, for some reason, Ye Siming thought of how she had cried her heart out when she sent Nanny Hu off.

It wasnt that the child didnt have sad things, but she had learned not to reveal her emotions at such a young age.

At this moment, he suddenly heard something General Bai Yi said—

“Siming, you are indebted to her.”

Ye Siming slowly raised his head.

He remembered how, back then, many people treated him as a monster.

She was the only one who had walked toward him and even gave him a piece of candy.

Ye Simings thin lips curled into a perfunctory smile.

“After coming into contact with the mortal world, as expected, things have indeed become much more troublesome.”

The next moment, he kicked open the door of the scripture tower.

Even if it was hellfire or an abyss he could still barge through it for her.

And at this moment, outside the courtyard of the scripture tower.

Wanyin was leaning against the wall and crying bitterly, all of her hopes placed on Ye Siming.

Just now, he was the only one who rushed into the sea of fire without caring about the danger.

At this moment, a soft voice sounded from beside her.

“Elder Sister Wanyin, why are you crying”

Wanyin was stunned.

She turned around and was overjoyed.

“Princess! Youre fine!”

Gu Nuoer and Empress Du came down from the slope on the right.

This was because she had brought the empress to climb through the window with her and it had taken some effort to go down the mountain.

The child blinked her round eyes.

“Of course Im fine.

Eh Why is there still a fire”

Wanyin quickly wiped away her tears.

“Ive already switched the kerosene according to the princesss orders.

I dont know what other things AYun has secretly done.”

At this moment, Empress Du had already walked up to AYun.

AYun was pressed tightly to the ground by the two guards and was still struggling and shouting.

Seeing that Empress Du had arrived, she raised her voice even more.

“Your Majesty, this lowly servant Mu Shuzhen set the fire and even wanted to frame me.

Please give this servant justice!”

However, Empress Du looked down at her.

Her usually gentle face was now filled with disappointment and disgust.

Empress Du suddenly raised her hand and slapped AYun hard.

“I raised a tiger and brought trouble to myself.

It was simply the greatest mistake to keep you by my side for so long!”

When she climbed out of the window just now, Gu Nuoer had already told her the whole story.

AYun was shocked.

The empress had never hit her before, nor had she seen the empress lose such a temper!

“Your Majesty, this servant…”

“You dont have to say anything.

Ill get someone to investigate this matter thoroughly later.

AYun, I wont cover up for you this time!”

The monks and guards were still trying to put out the fire with water.

Wanyin was a little anxious.

“The fire hasnt been put out after so long.

Young Master Ye is still inside!”

Gu Nuoer suddenly raised her small round face.

“Elder Sister Wanyin, what did you say”


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