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Seeing that Mu Shuzhen did not respond to her at all, AYun felt angry.

She called out in a spoiled tone, “Your Majesty, look at Shuzhen.

I cant even nag at her now.”

The empress leaned back in her chair and glanced at Mu Shuzhen with a smile.

“Perhaps youve misunderstood her.

This child stayed by my side until 1 a.m.

last night.

She might have gone to take a short rest.

“AYun, the most important thing between the two of you is to have harmony.

Shuzhen is a child who isnt good at expressing herself.

Dont bully her.”

Hearing the empresss words, AYun felt even more resentful towards Mu Shuzhen.

Last night, she only came a little late to take over Mu Shuzhens shift, but the latter actually dared to complain to the empress.

Lets see how she would find an opportunity to mess with her this time!

AYun lowered her eyes and looked at the empress, who was still unaware of the situation.

When the matter was completed, the empress would definitely trust and rely on her even more.

When she became the empresss head palace maid, she would be able to get whatever she wanted.

As AYun thought about this, she became even more determined about the vicious plan in her heart.

Gu Nuoer woke up from her afternoon nap and felt that her stomach was empty.

The child ran out of the courtyard and followed the fragrance in the air to the Taishi Monasterys kitchen.

The monks were preparing the vegetarian meal for dinner.

Gu Nuoer sniffed and poked her head in to take a look.

“It smells so good~”

A novice monk who was chopping vegetables turned around and smiled kindly.

“Princess, are you hungry”

Gu Nuoer walked in and sat down on a short stool that was used for people to pick out the edible parts of the vegetables.

She hugged a cabbage pitifully.

“Monk older brother, can you give me something to eat”

There was a strict time requirement for eating in the monastery.

It could not be earlier or later, lest it broke the rules.

However, Gu Nuoer sat there like a small pearl, her black and beautiful eyes blinking.

The novice monk felt his heart soften.

He smiled and nodded, getting a few black objects out of the fire with an iron rod.

Then, he wrapped them up with a cloth and rubbed them.

When he handed them to Gu Nuoer, she saw that they were actually a few roasted chestnuts!

The browned chestnut meat revealed its chubby belly, and a fragrance filled the air.

“The other vegetarian dishes arent ready yet.

Princess, please have some roasted chestnuts in the meantime.”

Gu Nuoers long eyelashes fluttered as she took it happily.

Her voice was soft.

“Thank you, monk older brother.”

She held the bundle of chestnuts and walked out.

Gu Nuoer slowly sat on the steps, spreading out the cloth on her lap, and then started to peel a chestnut.

Her small hands were tender.

Fortunately, the chestnut shell was thin and crispy, and it opened with a light push.

A complete piece of chestnut meat was exposed.

The child moved her fingers and was about to stuff the chestnut into her mouth.

A soft woof came from the side!

She turned her head and saw a small yellow dog sitting near her.

It was wagging its tail and sticking out its tongue to look at the chestnut in her hand.

“Do you want to eat too”


Gu Nuoer was very generous.

She broke off half of the chestnut and threw it to the dog.

The dog ate heartily and wagged its tail even more happily.

Gu Nuoer narrowed her eyes and smiled sweetly.

“Doggy, after giving you food, were good friends now.

You mustnt bite me like how Elder Brother Siming did!”

“Gu Nuoer, I heard you.”

A cold male voice suddenly appeared.

The child was stunned.

A black shadow flashed in front of her and Ye Siming landed from the roof.

Gu Nuoer blinked and looked at his furrowed brows.

Her chubby hand took the initiative to hand over a chestnut that she had not pried open.

“Elder Brother Siming, you came at the right time.

Help me peel the chestnuts.

They are so hot.”

On her tender face, there were no signs that she felt guilty about being discovered for speaking ill of others behind their backs.


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