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She was going to pick a gift that she liked the most and Gu Yihan would reward the person who had given the selected gift.

Gu Nuoers round eyes swept over the four treasures of the study, books and ancient scrolls, a pile of silver, gold and silver jewelries, famous paintings, and other items.

She didnt show any reaction for very long.

The people below became anxious from watching.

Which one did the little princess like Why was she still not choosing one

Gu Yihan placed Gu Nuoer on the table and the gazes of everyone present landed on the child.

Gu Nuoer crawled over to the books, flipped through them a little, then seemed to have lost interest.

She twisted her little butt and turned, touching the gold and silver accessories a little, but still didnt pick those.

In the end, Gu Nuoer seemed to see a flashing ball of black aura from the corner of her eyes.

The child quickly looked up and searched for the source of this black light.

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Her big eyelashes fluttered and her clear gaze swept across everyone.

Suddenly, her gaze stopped on a nanny who had her head lowered and was standing beside a long pillar.

There was a faint black aura near her waist.

Other people clearly couldnt see it.

Gu Nuoer called out in her soft voice, “Beat bad bad.”

She grabbed onto one of the tables legs and then slid down to the ground.

The child was like a small milk bun, tumbling and falling onto her back with her limbs in the air on the soft carpet.

The hearts of the people around her tightened up.

They were afraid that the little princess would get hurt from the fall.

However, Gu Nuoer sat back up once again.

She then quickly crawled toward the nanny who was giving off the black aura.


Gu Yihan stood up.

“Nuonuo, where do you want to go”

Everyones gaze followed the little princess until she crawled up to a nanny.


Gu Nuoer was tired from the crawling.


“Hu… rest a little…” She sat up straight and raised her head to look at that nanny.

For some reason, the nanny became so nervous that a layer of cold sweat appeared on her forehead in anxiety.

This three-year-old child was clearly still young.

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Her gaze was also filled with childish clarity, and she blinked charmingly.

However, she still unconsciously pinched the corner of her clothes nervously.

The nanny gave a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Princess, what orders do you have”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and confirmed that the faint black aura on her body was coming from the small bag at the nannys waist.

The child reached out her two fair and soft hands, pouncing straight for the nannys leg.

She then called outhei shoo, hei shoo again as she started climbing up.

She continued until her small hands grabbed the scented pouch at the nannys waist.

The nannys countenance instantly became anxious and at a loss.

“Princess, hurry up and let go!”

However, Gu Nuoer refused to do so.


She also started to call out in her childish voice, “Theres bad stuff here!”

Noble Consort Qiao stood up from the chair and frowned slightly.

Since Gu Nuoer was one-year-old, the child seemed to be especially intelligent and could predict good and bad things from happening.

In the past, Noble Consort Qiao had thought of bringing the Little Nuoer to the Taishi Monastery to thank the gods for answering her prayers when she was one year plus.

She didnt expect that the child would cry non-stop before they set off.

She even grabbed onto the bed pillar, refusing to leave.

In the beginning, Noble Consort Qiao thought that Gu Nuoer was throwing a temper because she wasnt willing to go out.

It was later at night when she found out that there were mountain bandits lingering on the path leading to the Taishi Monastery!

Not only did they hurt quite a lot of people, but she also heard that a maid had fallen off the cliff!

Such ability to predict the good and bad had happened a few other times.

Noble Consort Qiao now had a tacit understanding with her daughter.

It was that she knew that Little Nuoer was docile and well-behaved, and would definitely not throw a temper for no reason at all.

At this moment, Noble Consort Qiaos phoenix eyes sank.

She looked toward the palace maid Wanyin, who was next to her.

“Go and check what this nanny has on her!”



The palace maid next to Noble Consort Qiao walked over and the nannys expression became even more anxious.


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