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The child struggled and wanted to get onto the ground.

She took the initiative to take on the responsibility of helping the empress.

However, Ye Siming hugged her tightly and she couldnt move at all.

Ye Siming frowned and said coldly, “Save the effort.

There are hidden guards and they can walk much more steadily than you.

Otherwise, what would happen if you fall again and make the empress feel even more anxious”

Gu Nuoer puffed up her cheeks.

Although she was unconvinced, she had to admit that Ye Siming was right.

Gu Nuoer heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the empress being helped up the steps by the hidden guards all the way to the monasterys entrance.

As the state monastery, Taishi Monastery had always been filled with visitors and received incense offerings.

However, because the empress was bringing the princess to stay for a few days, two days ago, Gu Yihan had already ordered people to seal off the mountain path to the Taishi Monastery.

Taishi Monasterys main door was yellow and red, and the wordBuddhism was carved deeply into it.

The sound of the bell also accentuated the valleys serenity and filled with Zen.

The hidden guards helped the empress, Wanyin helped AYun, and Mu Shuzhen followed behind.

They entered the monastery one after another.

Only Ye Siming carried Gu Nuoer and stood at the entrance of Taishi Monastery.

He looked up at the signboard with a frown and pondered.

“Elder Brother Siming, arent you going in”

Ye Siming came back to his senses.

“I am.”

He stepped inside and nothing strange happened.

Some of the novice monks had already noticed the arrival of the empress and the others.

They hurriedly went to inform the abbot, Eminent Monk Zhijue.

Abbot Zhijue led the monks and stood under the trees in the front yard, welcoming the empress and princess.

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Empress Du still had lingering fear from the fall earlier.

“Well be disturbing the Abbot for the next few days.

Please bring us to the meditation room.”

After saying that, she looked at Gu Nuoer with a gentle gaze.

“My daughter hasnt eaten yet.

Abbot, please help to prepare some delicious hot dishes for her to try.”

Zhijue nodded.

“Dont worry.”

The abbot was already over 70 years old.

His beard was white, and his eyes were filled with wisdom and age.

His gaze slowly swept across Gu Nuoer.

The child was hugging Ye Simings arm and she greeted the abbot with a smile, “Monk grandpa~”

Her voice was sweet and obedient, causing Zhijue to smile kindly.

Although Zhijue might not remember it, Gu Nuoer still had a strong impression of him.

It was back when she was still in Heavenly Lake before she was born.

When Abbot Zhijue saw that her mother, Noble Consort Qiao, was having a difficult labor, he kept on chanting the Peace Mantra for the noble consort and her.

She had an exceptionally good impression of this old monk.

When Abbot Zhijue saw the young boy beside Gu Nuoer, his white brows slowly furrowed.

The boys aura was gloomy, and his eyes were cold and dangerous.

He was like a cautious and swift lone wolf, exuding a murderous aura from head to toe.

After only a moment, Abbot Zhijue looked away.

He then asked a novice monk to lead everyone to the meditation room in the backyard.

Gu Nuoer and the empress were arranged to stay in the same courtyard while Ye Simings accommodation was behind hers.

Ye Siming sent the child and Wanyin to Gu Nuoers room.

Gu Nuoer tilted her head.

“Elder Brother Siming, if youre bored, come find me.

Ill bring you to play~”

Ye Siming replied coldly, “I want to sleep.”

With that, he left coolly.

Wanyin was dissatisfied with his attitude towards the princess and was rather angry.

They would usually speak very kindly to the princess.

The princess was so cute, how could he be so cold to her!

Wanyin opened the bag and took out the clothes Noble Consort Qiao had prepared for Gu Nuoer to hang in the wardrobe.

While doing so, she complained, “Princess, this Young Master Ye doesnt seem suitable to be your guard.

His temper is too fierce and his attitude is cold and too arrogant.


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