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Ye Siming frowned coldly and gritted his teeth as he lifted her in front of him.

“Gu Nuoer, do you want to fall to your death”

Gu Nuoer seemed like she was not afraid of falling at all.

She giggled and shook her chubby hands in Ye Simings arms.

With a smack, two warm hands covered Ye Simings cheeks.

Ye Siming was speechless.

Gu Nuoers watery eyes curved and were filled with cuteness.

“Its warm, isnt it Wow, Elder Brother Siming, your face is indeed very cold, just like ice!”

Ye Siming looked puzzled.

“What are you doing”

“Im warming you up.

I told you to and let you get on the carriage, but you were too embarrassed to do that and the wind outside is too cold.

Ive been hugging the heater for a long time so Im really warm now.

Elder Brother Siming, do you want to hug me”

Ye Simings expression froze and looked at Gu Nuoers pure black eyes.

His ears could not help but turn red.

How should he tell Gu Nuoer that he was not afraid of the cold at all

“Come down.

Im not cold.”

As he spoke, Ye Siming wanted to put Gu Nuoer down.

Gu Nuoer refused to listen.

She kicked her legs and resisted.

“I dont want to go down.

I want to warm you up.

To make myself warm, Ive been hugging the heater for so long!”

She leaned forward.

“Look, Im even sweating!”

Ye Siming lowered his eyes and saw that the childs face was indeed red and her soft hair was stuck to her temples because of her sweat.

When the cold wind passed, the child could not help but tremble.

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Ye Siming frowned.

Such a fragile little bun should be extremely afraid of the cold.

Gu Nuoer was blinking at him when she suddenly felt the scenery in front of her sway.

In the blink of an eye, she was stuffed into Ye Simings silver-gray cloak.

Then, he slowly walked forward with her half clamped under his arm.

“Then Ill just carry you like this,” the young man said with a slight frown.

Gu Nuoer could no longer feel the wind and her two warm hands hung in midair.

She blinked.

She originally wanted to warm up Elder Brother Siming, but why was she picked up by him again!

When the empress saw Ye Siming and Gu Nuoer like this, she took this as children playing around and gave a light smile.

Empress Du instructed in a gentle voice, “Walk slowly.

Be careful that the remaining ice on the steps will make it slippery.”

At this moment, AYun ran over quickly from the carriage behind and took the initiative to help the empress.

“Your Majesty, be careful.

This servant will support you.”

Empress Du smiled and nodded.

She turned around and saw that Mu Shuzhen was carrying four bags by herself.

“Shuzhen, dont tire yourself out.

AYun, go and help her.”

AYun turned around and glanced at Mu Shuzhen.

She sounded very concerned, “Your Majesty, how can that do Your safety is the most important.

This servant will help you up the steps.

Shuzhen can handle things herself.”

As she spoke, she even gave Mu Shuzhen a warning look.

Mu Shuzhen was carrying heavy things and did not want to argue with AYun here.

The empress was here to pray for blessings and relax.

Mu Shuzhen didnt want to cause unnecessary trouble.

She raised her head in the empresss direction with difficulty and forced a smile.

“Your Majesty, dont worry.

This servant has always been doing rough work in the past.

This little bit of luggage isnt tiring.”

In the end, Wanyin, who was walking at the back, came up and helped her carry one of the bags.

Gu Nuoer did not bring many clothes.

After Wanyin helped Mu Shuzhen, she saw how AYun was serving the empress diligently.

She felt puzzled

Usually, she and Wanxuan would serve the noble consort together and they get along well with each other.

However, this AYun seemed like she wanted to be above Mu Shuzhen in everything they do.

Mu Shuzhen whispered to Wanyin in an extremely soft voice, “Thank you.”


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