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The empress did not bring many people with her.

Other than her maids, AYun and Mu Shuzhen, there were only some guards.

Gu Nuoer brought Ye Siming and Wanyin along with Noble Consort Qiaos hidden guards.

The group chose to respect the empresss preferences and travel in a low-profile manner.

Therefore, they also chose a carriage that was not luxurious.

This was to avoid them being targeted by people who had evil designs.

Gu Nuoer was naturally happy to be able to go out and play.

After she got into the carriage, she urged them to leave.

Only Gu Yihan stood at the palace gate and watched the carriage leave, feeling extremely reluctant to see them leave.

He began to recall that when his daughter was just born, he was the one who carried her back to the palace tightly in his arms.

When had she ever left his side for five to six days!

The following days were going to be tough.

The empress and Gu Nuoer sat in the carriage.

AYun, Mu Shuzhen, and Wanyin sat in the other carriage behind.

Ye Siming rode beside the entourage.

Gu Nuoer was wearing a spring-green cotton-padded jacket with a layer of rabbit fur around her collar.

Her two buns made her look extremely cute.

Her eyes were bright, her cheeks were red, and she looked like a porcelain doll.

The child was in an extremely good mood.

She leaned against the window and rested her chin on her small arm.

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She called out to Ye Siming, who was riding at a constant speed.

“Elder Brother Siming, its so cold outside.

Can you come into the carriage”

Ye Siming neither sped up nor stopped but turned to glance at her.

The Gu Nuoer in his eyes now was like a little white bun waiting to be bitten.

Ye Siming retracted his gaze.

“Move your head back in.

Its dangerous like this.”

Gu Nuoer refused to listen.

She shook her head and blinked mischievously.

“Then get into the carriage!”

Suddenly, Ye Siming drew the sword at his waist and pushed Gu Nuoers head back into the carriage with the sheath.

Almost in the next second, a thick branch suddenly brushed past the carriage window, causing a rustling sound.

Ye Siming could have chosen to cut off the branch, but this was not safe.

If the branch wasnt broken, it would cut the childs face.

Gu Nuoer was pushed back into the carriage.

She also heard the sound of the branch scratching against the carriage.

The empress took her into her arms and gently stroked her head to comfort her.

“Baby Nuo, dont lean out of the window anymore.

Its too dangerous.

You can play when we reach the monastery.”

Gu Nuoer touched her forehead with her small hand.

Ye Siming didnt use much strength to push her.

However, she was delicate and soft, so she actually felt a little pain!

Gu Nuoer lay in the empresss arms and complained in a spoiled tone, “Empress Mother, that made Baby Nuo giddy.

I have to eat a piece of candy to feel better.”

The empress couldnt help but laugh.

“Your mother told you to eat fewer candies.”

Gu Nuoer raised her head.

Her watery eyes looked pitiful as they emitted a young and helpless light beam.

“Just one~”

The empress had always been soft-hearted and nodded.

Gu Nuoer took a piece of yellow candy from the table and stuffed it into her mouth, narrowing her eyes in bliss.

After that, Gu Nuoer was indeed very obedient and did not poke her head out again.

Instead, she just hugged the heater.

She didnt even let go of it even though she felt so hot that a layer of sweat appeared on her forehead.

The empress had told her a few times not to hold onto it, but she kept on complaining that she felt cold.

Ye Siming rode a horse outside and looked sideways to pay attention to the window many times.

He didnt expect that the child was really so obedient.

Was she really not going to look out again

Was she angry

Ye Siming furrowed his brows and wondered.

When the carriage arrived in front of Taishi Monastery, a small round green figure jumped out.

“Elder Brother Siming, quick, catch me!”

Ye Siming did not expect Gu Nuoer to suddenly jump out of the carriage.

The carriage had yet to stop completely!

He hurriedly got off the horse and reached out to grab the child into his arms.


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