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Gu Yihans heart ached as he bent over and picked her up.

He did not even have time to change out of the clothes that he wore to court before rushing over to attend his daughters birthday banquet.

When he saw Gu Nuoer crying, he quickly asked with heartache, “Whats wrong Who bullied you Tell Father.

Father will cut off the heads of their entire family.”


Gu Nuoer pointed to the baby white tiger in her arms with her small finger.

“Nuonuo wants meow meow.”

Nuonuo Qiao quickly walked up and explained in a soft voice, “Your Majesty, Nuonuo insists on wanting this baby white tiger, but your consort is worried.

“What if the white tiger hurts her when it grows up Thats too dangerous, so your consort doesnt allow it and Nuonuo is crying.”

Most of the time, for matters concerning the princess.

Gu Yihan would place her safety above everything else.

Noble Consort Qiao had thought that after Gu Yihan heard her saying this, hed definitely stand on her side.

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What she didnt expect was Gu Yihans reaction when he lowered his head and saw the childs teary eyes.

Gu Yihan glanced at Noble Consort Qiao.

“Since Nuonuo likes it, just let her keep it and raise it first.

This white tiger has just come out of its confinement not long ago, so its a good time to train it.

If familiarity is built from young, it wont hurt her.

When I was young, I had even raised lions from the western regions.”

After saying that, he wiped off Gu Nuoers tears gently with his finger.

“If you want to keep it, then keep it.

Father agrees to it!”

Gu Yihan immediately broke into a smile, freeing up one hand and touching Gu Yihans chin.


“Father, dank you!”

Gu Yihan laughed, “Good daughter, itsthank you.”

The father and daughter had a happy time together.

Gu Yihan happily corrected his young daughters pronunciation.

On the other side, Noble Consort Qiao frowned slightly, sighing in helplessness.

How could she have forgotten about it His Majesty was unafraid of everything except to see his daughter crying.

His heart would ache for very long if she were to just drop a single tear.

Forget it.

If she wanted to keep it, then so be it!

Qiushui Palace was very big and it was closer to the Qianhua Palace that the emperor was staying in.

Back then, after Noble Consort Qiao had just given birth to the princess, Gu Yihan gave an order.

He renovated the two empty palaces next to his, merging them and letting the noble consort and princess stay here.

This time around, Noble Consort Qiao had the servants clear up the side hall in the west section of the palace for the banquet.

There was plenty of space available.

As it got nearer and nearer to the time for the banquet, more people came.

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When everyone arrived, Noble Consort Qiao, with a red dress as well as precious accessories, appeared at the palaces entrance.

Next to her was the Great Qis emperor, Gu Yihan, who was carrying a three-year-old child.

Everyones gazes were gathered on the princess, Gu Nuoer.

The childs fair and chubby limbs were dressed in a fitting jacket and she had a circle of rabbit fur around her neck.

Her hair was soft and black, tied up into two small buns.

Her eyes were lively and obedient, and there was a small mole under her right eye.


She was flapping her long lashes and looking around.

The emperor carried her and walked toward the seats where the guests were.


Gu Nuoer had sharp eyes and saw the emperors consorts, concubines, or civil and military officials.

When she saw the ones she knew, she would send out flying kisses to them.

“Pretty little mothers~”


Noble Consort Qiao was her mother, and the rest were all little mothers.

The consorts in the palace all liked the little princess a lot.

When they saw her small actions, they had a strong urge to go over and kiss her.


However, with the emperor present, no one dared to create a fuss.

Gu Yihan was dissatisfied by his daughters actions and grabbed onto her chubby little hand, stuffing it into his embrace.


The birthday banquet started on a lively note.

A big table was placed in front of Gu Nuoer.

There were a lot of treasures that were birthday presents that other people had given her.


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