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It was almost the end of the year.

Ever since the empress had recovered from her illness, she had been thinking of going to the state monastery to offer incense.

She wanted to thank the heavens for giving her a chance to get better, and she wanted to pray for everyone in the palace for them to receive blessings.

“Nuoer is considered half my savior.

I want to bring her along too.

Will Yayu be reluctant”

In the Qiushui Palace, the empress and Noble Consort Qiao were sitting opposite each other and chatting happily.

Noble Consort Qiao turned to look at Gu Nuoer, who was crawling on the red carpet and playing with the little white tiger.

She covered her mouth and smiled.

“Elder Sister hasnt taken care of her before, so you dont know that this child is very mischievous.

Moreover, she also has many ideas of her own.

“Its fine if you bring her along, but while Baby Nuo can be very obedient, she wont listen no matter what happens if she has her own plans.”

Empress Du smiled gently.

“How can that be Nuoer has always been obedient.”

As she spoke, she called out to Gu Nuoer, “Nuoer, are you willing to enter the mountains to pray with Empress Mother

“Well stay in the mountains for a few days.

Well boil tea with water from pine trees and listen to the sounds of boiling plums with snow.

Would you like it”

Gu Nuoer sat up straight, her eyes gradually turning bright golden.

She ran to the empress and shook her chubby body.

“Empress Mother, will I be able to see the little squirrels in the mountains”

“Of course.”

Gu Nuoer immediately cheered.

“Yes, yes, Nuoer wants to go with Empress Mother.”

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Noble Consort Qiao saw that her daughter was in such a good mood and naturally wouldnt say anything to spoil her mood.

Besides, sometimes, the childs thoughts were even more meticulous than hers.

If she sent hidden guards over and let Wanyin go with them, nothing would happen.

Noble Consort Qiao pulled Gu Nuoer to her side and tidied her black hair that had become messy from playing.

“Baby Nuo, remember to be obedient when you go with Empress Mother.

There are many forests on the mountain, so dont run around alone.

Do you understand”

Gu Nuoer nodded obediently.

“Mother, dont worry.

Baby Nuo will take good care of herself and the Empress Mother!”

That night, Gu Yihan came to the Qiushui Palace and learned that the empress was going to bring Gu Nuoer up the mountain to pray for blessings in two days.

His heart as a father instantly rose to his throat.

He objected almost immediately.

“No way!”

Gu Yihan looked at Noble Consort Qiao.

“Baby Nuo is so young and the empress has just recovered.

How can I be at ease for them to go up the mountain when one of them is young and the other is weak

“Besides, Baby Nuo will be staying there for five to six days.

Ever since she was born, I havent been separated from her for such a long time.

I wont allow it! I wont allow it!”

Noble Consort Qiao folded Nuoers clothes while listening to the emperors dissatisfaction.

She turned around and walked towards Gu Yihan.

She held his hand and said calmly, “Your Majesty, go and talk to Baby Nuo.

Your consort cant win against her small mouth.”

Gu Yihan immediately walked toward the inner room.

At that moment, Gu Nuoer had just finished bathing and was emitting a sweet milk smell.

She had her black hair draped over her shoulders and was barefooted as she applied blush on the little white tiger.

“Baby Nuo!”

Hearing her fathers call, both the child and the little white tiger turned around.

Gu Yihan was stunned on the spot.

His daughters cheeks were as red as a monkeys butt, and the little white tigers face was even more so.

It was shockingly red.

The child and the tiger looked at him innocently.

The scene was both comical and funny.

Gu Yihan walked over and picked her up.

“Youve just finished bathing, but now youre dirty again.”

He used his finger to scrape the rouge on his daughters cheek.

However, he was also worried that his daughters skin was tender and could not withstand such rubbing.

After a few touches, he stopped.

Holding Gu Nuoer in his arms, Gu Yihan felt like he was holding a precious piece of jade.

His movements were gentle, but he couldnt help but sway back and forth gently because of his love for her.


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