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The young boy, who had been silent all this while, lowered his eyes.

His gaze was indifferent as if he was waiting for her to continue.

“Theyre unreasonable! Lets throw them into the water!”

Ye Siming was unmoved, his gaze calm.

It was as if he felt that these people were not worthy of him making a move.

Gu Nuoer clenched her fists and said, “After they are beaten up, Ill be happy even if I dont eat candy!”

Only then did Ye Siming raise his eyebrows.

“Youre the one who said this.”

Otherwise, the child would keep hugging his leg, looking at him with a gaze that says that she wanted to eat candy.

It was really hard to be ruthless.


Before the troupe leader and his employees could react, they felt a figure flash in front of them.

When they came back to his senses, the troupe was the first to feel a pain in his abdomen, as if he had been punched!

Before he could cry out in pain, he felt the world spinning around him.

With a splash, he was thrown into the cold water by Ye Siming.

“Troupe leader!” The employees he had brought with him were shocked.

Initially, they wanted to find trouble with Ye Siming, but they saw that the young boy was composed, tightening his left hands grip on his right wrist.

That cold gaze and the feeling of being stared at by him made everyones hair stand on end.

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The memory of this young boy shattering the stone slab with his bare hands was still vivid in their mind.

Fourth was still lying in the clinic and vomiting blood!

Hence, the employees looked at each other.

After weighing the pros and cons, they all moved around Ye Siming and pounced toward the banks of the lake to fish the troupe leader out.

Gu Nuoer snorted softly.

“This is the outcome of being a bad person!”

After saying that, the child ran to Jiang Xiaorans side, took out a few silver ingots from his pouch, then threw them to the ground.

“Weve already paid the medical fees! Dont say that we bullied you!”

After saying that, she reached out her hands to ask Ye Siming to carry her.

“Elder Brother Siming, lets run quickly.

That troupe leader will be getting up in a while~”

Ye Siming carried her up easily with one hand.

Gu Nuoers small hands and feet swayed around.

She didnt forget to turn her head and call out to Jiang Xiaoran, “Playboy older brother, you should hurry up and leave too.

Otherwise, when they come up later, theyll find trouble with you again!”

Jiang Xiaoran was stunned for a moment before sneering.

“Why would I be afraid of these weaklings Hey! Wait for me, dont run so fast!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ye Siming had already carried Gu Nuoer away at a very fast speed.

Jiang Xiaoran had no choice but to chase after them.

The three of them only stopped to rest after they reached the nearby street marketplace.

Gu Nuoer was placed on the ground by Ye Siming.

She turned around and was a little surprised.

“Older Brother Playboy, why are you still following us”

Jiang Xiaoran panted vigorously.

“You pushed me into the water.

This matter isnt over yet.

You have to apologize!”

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and her eyes lit up.

“But I also helped you once.

Otherwise, those baddies would have extorted 100 silver taels from you!”

Jiang Xiaoran was stunned.

“That seems to make sense… No! They came to look for the two of you.

It has nothing to do with me.

I was almost implicated by you guys! You have to apologize!”

At this moment, Ye Siming was already a little impatient.

He moved and was about to walk up to Jiang Xiaoran.

However, Gu Nuoer put out her small hand to stop him and said softly, “An apology is fine, but you have to treat me to a candy figurine!”

Jiang Xiaorans eyes opened wide.

He felt that he had really broadened his horizons today.

How could there be such a smart little girl!

It was only possible for her to scheme against others and not the other way around.

He should be receiving an apology, but he had to pay for a candy figurine to get it.

Jiang Xiaoran was unwilling to do so, but he glanced at Ye Siming, who was beside Gu Nuoer.

This young boy was not as aloof as he looked on the surface but was like a ruthless person who would kill at any moment.

It didnt seem to be beneficial to keep pestering them.

After thinking for a long time, Jiang Xiaoran gritted his teeth.

“Alright! Ill give you a candy figurine!”


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