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Jiang Xiaoran was caught off guard by the child and was stunned.

“What are you doing!”

Gu Nuoer looked up, her eyes sparkling as if she had suffered a great grievance.

The tears that she had painstakingly held back were about to fall from her eyes.

Anyone who saw her would think that she was pitiful!

Gu Nuoer said softly, “Brother, just take out the money.

Second Brother injured someone.

We cant just run away like this!”

As she spoke, the group of people from the acrobatics troupe had already caught up to them.

“Quick, theyre right there!”

The troupe leader walked up and said fiercely, “You guys want to run after hurting someone!”

Gu Nuoer grabbed Ye Siming and hid behind Jiang Xiaoran.

She was “trembling” and her small body trembled like a small bun that had just come out of the oven.

She looked up with tears in her eyes.

“Brother, lets pay up.

Dont save that bit of money!”

The troupe leader grabbed Jiang Xiaorans collar.

“Youre these two childrens older brother! Let me tell you, your younger brother injured one of our people.

“That person vomited blood and is now lying unconscious in the medical hall.

If you dont give me 50 taels today, we wont drop this matter and you guys wont be able to leave!”

Jiang Xiaoran looked puzzled and shouted, “I dont know them! I dont even know their names!”

The troupe leader looked at Gu Nuoer who was behind him in confusion.

The child immediately called out pitifully, “Brother…”

“Im not your brother.

Let go!” Jiang Xiaoran tried to shake off Gu Nuoers chubby hand twice but was unable to do so successfully.


Damn it, this girl was trying to rip him off!

Jiang Xiaoran turned to look at the troupe leader and the others.

“Look at how wet I am.

This girl is a liar.

She even pushed me into the water just now.

How could I possibly know her! Im not her older brother either.

Its more like I have a feud with her!”

Gu Nuoer sniffed and her watery eyes flickered.

“Brother, if you cant bear to part with that bit of money, you should have told me.

I would have pretended not to know you.”

She raised her small hands.

“Im so small, how can I push you”

Jiang Xiaoran wanted to cry.

He wouldnt be able to clear his name even if he jumped into the river!

The troupe leader was also confused by Gu Nuoer and Jiang Xiaoran.

He didnt care and grabbed Jiang Xiaorans collar tightly.

“I dont care what tricks you siblings are playing here.

Hurry up and give me the money.

Otherwise, no one can leave!”

Jiang Xiaoran gritted his teeth and reached for the pouch on his waist.

50 taels for some peace.

It was worth it!

He should have checked the almanac when he went out today.

Why did he encounter these two little fiends!

Unexpectedly, when the troupe leader saw that he was ready to pay, he suddenly said fiercely, “Ive changed my mind.

There are the medical fees, the money spent on his recuperation later, and also the fact that we cant do business for a few days.

50 taels is too little.

You have to give us 100 taels!”

Jiang Xiaoran paused in the act of taking out money.

He looked up and said angrily, “50 taels is enough to buy him a coffin made of golden-thread nanmu1.

Youre telling me that its not enough for him to pay for his recuperation!”

Gu Nuoer was secretly snickering but her small face also puffed up when she heard this.

Her round eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

“Thats right.

We agreed on 50 taels.

Why did you suddenly change your mind and ask for 100 taels Youre really being a bully and asking for too much!”

Relying on the fact that they had more people on their side and were facing three young children, the troupe leader immediately said arrogantly, “If I say its not enough, its not enough! If you dont pay, Ill detain you here and none of you can go home!”

Gu Nuoer originally wanted to teach the playboy a lesson, but if someone was even more unreasonable, it wasnt as if she couldnt distinguish right from wrong.

The childs eyes turned cold as she called out, “Elder Brother Siming!”


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