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“Yinghe, dont think too much.

Youre the one I love the most.

That Young Miss Zhang was just someone arranged by my parents.

How can I have any true feelings toward her!”

A male voice sounded, his tone filled with sincerity, hoping to be forgiven.

Gu Nuoer hid behind the tree curiously and stuck her head out to check.

Not far away, a man in brocade clothing with a fox fur collar was comforting a girl who was sobbing in his arms.

From his back view and clothes, it was not difficult to tell that the man was rich.

Gu Nuoer widened her eyes slightly and was extremely curious.

The girl called Yinghe sobbed and asked, “Then why did you give her a hairpin Its exactly the same as the one you gave me!”

The young master did not panic and explained patiently, “These are all rumors other people spread! You also know that there are countless people in the capital who admire me, Young Marquis Jiang!

“Youre the only girl I cherish, so they naturally have to think of ways to drive a wedge between us.”

The girl lowered her head and only cried, but she seemed to believe him.

At this moment, the man who called himself the young marquis gently stroked her shoulder.

“Yinghe, heaven and earth can bear witness to my feelings for you.

If I betray you, then may bad things happen to me!”

The girl hurriedly raised her hand and pressed it against his lips.

She said with tears in her eyes, “Dont say such silly things.

Ill believe you this once.

“But when can you come to my house to propose marriage My father has already asked several times and was thinking of looking for suitable marriage candidates for me!”

Unexpectedly, the man patted his chest and said with great ambition, “Silly! Dont you know that Ive always wanted to go to the battlefield to protect the country

“I want to be a real man just like my grandfather and my father, serving the country.

As for marriage, I dont want to think about that for the time being.

Besides, we are still young so theres no hurry!”


The girls eyes dimmed.

“Alright, I know your ambitions the best.

Men cant not strive for progression.

I can still wait for you for a few more years.

“Ive been out for a long time and have to go back.

Are you coming with me”

Young Marquis Jiang shook his head.

“You can go home first.

Im going to stand here for a while.

This is the first place where we met.

I want to think about our beautiful memories.”

The girl blushed, feeling very shy.

She gently punched the young marquis and ran away while covering her face.

When Gu Nuoer saw this, she said softly, “Wow.”

This person actually had a glibber tongue than her second brother!

Ye Siming crossed his arms at the side, the word “boring” written all over his face.

Clearly, he wasnt interested in listening to other peoples passionate love stories.

However, not long after, another girl walked over gracefully.

She was only 12 or 13 years old, looking beautiful and graceful.

But at this moment, her expression was not good.

She stood in front of Young Marquis Jiang.

“Why did you suddenly ask me out Werent you coaxing your precious Yinghe”

What Gu Nuoer never expected was that in the next second, the young marquis, who was still affectionate just now, actually changed his attitude.

“Nonsense! I called her over just now and already made it clear to her that shes not allowed to pester me anymore.

I only have you in my heart, Jinyu!”

The girl hesitated for a moment as if she was about to believe him.

After all, her carriage had stopped in the corner just now and she seemed to have seen Yinghe run away crying.

However, she still frowned in disbelief at the young marquiss playboy personality.

When the distinguished young master saw this, he immediately used his trump card.

“If I lie to you, Id rather fall into the water now!”

When Gu Nuoer heard this from behind the tree, she clenched her fists tightly and a fire burned in her heart.

This person was so bad to be toying with the sincerity and trust of two older sisters!

She took a small step and ran out.

Before the young marquis could react, she pushed him into the lake.



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