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After the boy left with General Bai Yi.

General Bai spent a lot of effort tidying up his face.

He cut his messy hair and gave him a new set of clothes.

Today, the boy was wearing a silver fur coat, looking cold and extraordinary.

There was also a cold and dangerous look on his face that kept people away.

General Bai Yi did not have children of his own, so he and his wife treated the boy as their godson.

However, the boy was cold by nature.

No matter how they tried to get close to him, they couldnt.

The boy stared at Gu Nuoer with his light brown eyes and said, “I have a name, Ye Siming.”


Gu Nuoer blinked her big eyes and then beckoned with her small hand.

“Elder Brother Siming, lower your head.”

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Ye Siming frowned, feeling puzzled.

Gu Nuoer grabbed his sleeve and tiptoed, trying hard to touch the top of his head with her small hand.

The child kept on jumping but couldnt reach.

Left with no choice, Ye Siming could only lower his head slightly.

He then felt Gu Nuoers small hand brushing on his hair.

Then, a small red plum blossom lay in the childs soft and fair palm.

This had dropped onto Ye Simings hair when he was helping her to catch the kitten.

Gu Nuoer placed the red plum blossom onto his hand, smiling, “Elder Brother Siming, Im leaving.

Bye bye~”

The child carried the kitten and skipped away, her bun hairstyle shaking as she did so.

Looking at her small figure, Ye Siming sank into deep thought.

At this moment, Noble Consort Qiaos head palace maid, Wanyin, had searched the vicinity.

She immediately saw the little princess and the gloomy boy standing by the lake.

Wanyin quickly lifted the hems of her skirt and came running over.

“Your Highness!”

Gu Nuoer looked up and saw that it was a familiar face.

She immediately broke into a smile, revealing her teeth and cute dimples.

“Elder Sister Wanyin.”

Wanyin ran up to her, carrying the little princess and checking her repeatedly.

After ascertaining that she wasnt hurt, Wanyin heaved a sigh of relief.

Wanyin then looked at the kitten in Gu Nuoers arms, feeling a little surprised.

“Hmmm Isnt this the baby tiger that had just been sent to the lion and tiger garden”

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She was too busy to ask the little princess how she had brought this little white tiger out.

Wan Yin carried Gu Nuoer and walked back.

“Princess, Her Highness was so anxious to find out that you had sneaked out.”

The little fellow in Wanyins arms looked down at the baby white tiger.

“Its meow meow~”

Wanyin didnt know Ye Siming.

After she picked up the little princess, she nodded slightly and then left.

The child probed out her small head while being in the palace maids arms.

She grabbed the kittens paw and waved at Ye Siming.

Ye Simings eyes flickered coldly and he suddenly smiled.

Wanyin brought Gu Nuoer back to the Qiushui Palace.

When Gu Nuoer saw Noble Consort Qian, she instantly reached out one of her small hands.


Noble Consort Qiao quickly walked over and hugged her.

“Nuonuo, why are you so naughty Why didnt you tell Mother before going out to play You made Mother worry!”

Gu Nuoer hugged the baby white tiger and showed it to Noble Consort Qiao.

“Mother, Nuonuo wants meow meow.”

Noble Consort Qiao could understand the childs expression at a glance.

She looked down.

“How is this a cat Nuonuo, its a baby tiger.

You cant keep it.

Otherwise, it will hurt you when it grows up.”

Gu Nuoers sparkling grape eyes were immediately filled with grievance.

She pouted her small lips.

Before she started crying, tears were already welling up in her eyes.

She looked really pitiful.

Just then, Gu Yihans voice rang out from the door.

“Nuonuo, Father is done with work and has come to look for you!”

Gu Nuoers eyes lit up and she immediately turned her small body, getting onto the ground.

She carried the baby white tiger and walked over, fumbling, her footsteps very anxious.

“Father! Father!”

When she reached Gu Yihan, she lost her footing and landed on her butt.

Thankfully, the Qiushui Palace was covered in soft carpet everywhere.

Otherwise, this delicate little princess would get hurt from the fall.


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