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Sheng Tingchuns expression changed and she shouted, “I didnt!”

Ji Zi stared at her from the size with a vicious gaze.

If Sheng Tingchun hadnt let this matter slip earlier, how would this girl have known about this!

Gu Nuoer placed her hands on her hips.

“You guys can deny it, but wont we find out if its true after I get someone to search”

Ji Yongwang and the Minister of Justice exchanged a glance and saw a gaze suggesting that “this is bad” in each others eyes.

Things would be bad if she was allowed to search the residence!

The Minister of Justice chided angrily, “Enough! I dont care which family youre from, but youre talking about other peoples private matters in public.

“Moreover, you tried to spread rumors to cause trouble and also spouted nonsense.

By right, you should be beaten up and sent to the government!”

Gu Nuoer pursed her lips, feeling dissatisfied and aggrieved.

“What right do you have to hit me You guys are domineering and imprisoning young girls to abuse them.

You guys are the big baddies who should be beaten up!”

At this point, the child glanced around and saw that there was someone in the crowd whose figure and aura were completely different from the surrounding people.

He stood there like a crane amongst a flock of chickens.

His cold eyes behind the thin veil were already dyed with anger.

Gu Nuoer burst into tears, running into Gu Yihans arms.

“Father, they want to hit me.”

Gu Yihan picked her up and protected her in his arms.

His cold gaze swept across everyone present.

“Lets see who dares to do that.”

The Minister of Justice was stunned.

Why did this voice sound so familiar

He didnt notice such a person just now! Who was he!

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Ji Yongwang stood out and said, “Lord Zhang, I originally respected your integrity and wanted to befriend you, but you brought your daughter to my residence to cause trouble.

“If you dont give me an explanation for what happened today, I wont let you leave unscathed.”

Gu Nuoer clenched her fists tightly, her watery eyes revealing dissatisfaction.

These people were too bad.

How could they push the blame on others

They were clearly the ones who bullied others first and then called so many young girls out to act as targets for their amusement.

They didnt reflect on their wrongdoings but wanted to blame the person who had exposed this.

Now that the matter had been exposed, they actually wanted to divert the trouble and push the blame onto her and her father!

Gu Yihan stood there with his tall figure, looking down on everyone.

Although the hood covered his face and his figure could not be seen clearly, he gave off a disposition that made people feel afraid.

Someone in the crowd muttered—

“They said that this person is Censor Zhang, but Ive seen Lord Zhang a few times.

He doesnt seem to give off such a… handsome and tall feeling.”

“Thats right.

Could this be an imposter Could it be that someone stole Censor Zhangs invitation so that they can curry up to Lord Ji”

Sheng Tingchun was standing nearby and overheard the soft conversation between the guests.

She immediately thought that she had something on them and raised her voice to criticize, “Father! These two people must be imposters! They claimed to be Censor Zhang and his family.

“But Ive seen Censor Zhangs daughter, Zhang Xiaoman, before and shes not so young.

Their age doesnt even match!”

When the Minister of Justice heard this, he frowned and looked at Gu Yihan and Gu Nuoer with a cold gaze.

Although he wasnt close with Censor Zhang, the two of them had to attend court every day and would see each other often.

No wonder the hooded man didnt appear in front of him just now.

It turned out that he was afraid of being exposed!

The Minister of Justice gritted his teeth.

“Men! Arrest these two impersonating father and daughter of unknown origins!”

Gu Yihan smiled coldly.

When the servants rushed near him, he suddenly asked coldly—

“Sheng Chun, do you really not recognize me”


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