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Chapter 1984: A Man Who Lives on His LooksTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Selina frowned.

“Can Jennifer resign from her job”

Luke shrugged.

“She hasnt made any progress in resolving the matter of her body turning green.

She doesnt dare stay outside for long at all.

Most of the time, she can only take leave and stay at home and do yoga to relax.”

Selina hesitated.

“But Dustin…”

Luke shook his head.

“Given D.A.

Jennifers situation, its pretty much the same whether or not she enters this circle.

If she works for us, the chance of her being exposed in public is conversely lower.”

Selina thought for a moment and realized that it made sense.


If Jennifer joined the PDD, her connection to superheroes may be revealed, but if she didnt, someone might discover that she was a female Hulk.

In comparison, choosing a route with less exposure wasnt wrong.

Also, as a criminal lawyer, she had dared to go up against the Elsworth family, one of the most powerful families in California, and a bunch of gunmen had even dropped by her place to try and kill her.

After coming to New York, she chose to be a D.A..

She was outstanding and performed well.

In just a few years, she was promoted from an assistant prosecutor to a deputy D.A..

This sort of tough woman who abhorred evil, coupled with her invulnerable greenhalo, was actually quite suitable for the PDD.

“Okay, youre in charge of roping her in as soon as possible.” After saying that, Selina thought of something.

“In the future, shell be in charge of criminal investigation and tracking”

Luke agreed.

“Of course.

She cant know about thegray organizations and affairs for now.

Im afraid shell send those people to prison first.”

Selina nodded in agreement.

There was a difference between the PDD and Jennifers daily work.

The D.A.s priority was to nail down evidence and send criminals to prison.

With the PDD, however, Luke and the Bat Squad took action directly after an investigation, so that Luke could get experience and credit points.

From this point of view, it would take some time for Jennifer to adjust after she joined the PDD.

At the very least, she had to get used to criminals who didnt enter prison or the hospitals.

As for entering the morgue, there was no need to let D.A.

Jennifer know about that for now.

Dustin This guy was about to be promoted to deputy chief.

It was enough for him to focus on that.

Now that D.A.

Jennifer had something to do, Dustin could relax.

Dustin couldnt act tough with this young, valiant wife.

Hm… It seemed that Luke had to give his old boss supplementary Life 1, or the middle-aged mans body would be hollowed out sooner or later.

It wasnt easy to be the husband of a She-Hulk.

Thinking that, an image couldnt help but appear in the mind of a certain unscrupulous former subordinate: Jennifer, on top, suddenly roaring and turning green.

Below, Dustin turning his head in despair, a sad tear falling from the corner of one eye.

Luke couldnt help but smile ambiguously.

Selina saw it and couldnt help but pull at his thick skin.

“Tell me, what disgusting thing are you thinking about this time”

Luke collected his thoughts and said solemnly, “Im just considering a welcome gift for Jennifer.”

Selina was suspicious.

“Judging from your expression… What scam of a gift is it”

Luke said helplessly, “Im just going to give Dustin two Life 1s.

Hes almost 50.

Jennifer must be starving.

Hm, he really needs it.”

Selina: “…Disgusting.”

In any case, Im definitely not the disgusting one. After saying that, Luke didnt care anymore.

He turned around and was about to slip away.

He still had yet to test his new strength.

Could how disgusting other people were be more fun than playing with Muscle Expansion Obviously not.

In the end, Director Selina jumped over and grabbed him.

“B*stard, you want to go back to the basement again to mess around Tell me, what have you been working on for the past few days Let me see.”

The latter half of her sentence revealed her true motive.

It wasnt that she was against Luke being a shut-in techie, but that the equipment he made was very interesting.

Apart from Luke, she was usually the first person to use them, and they were a lot of fun to play with.

Luke thought for a moment, then went down to the basement with Director Selina clinging shamelessly to his back.

“Lets talk inside.”

A moment later, they were standing in the test room in the basement.

Selina picked up a cream cake that was on the side with a fork.

“Alright, stop beating around the bush.

Take out your new baby.”

Chuckling, Luke took off his T-shirt and tossed it aside, leaving him in a gray, skin-tight sleeveless nanosuit.

Selina stuffed a big piece of cake into her mouth as her eyes were fixed on Lukes upper torso — it definitely wasnt because she was drooling over his chest.

Luke had been working on the nanosuit for the past two years.

Perhaps it was because there were new developments in this project, so he specially took off his T-shirt so that she could look at the details.

Then, she heard a certain person raise his hands and shout, “Sparta, give me strength!”

Selina: Sparta Dont lie to me! Isnt that from a cartoon

But in the next moment, Lukes muscles suddenly swelled up.

In the blink of an eye, his figure went from being thin to being as buff as that of a Spartan warrior.

Selina: “WTF!”

Sparta wasnt important! What was important was the bulging muscles in front of her which made her feel suffocated.

Luke almost always fought with armor on.

The two of them usually didnt spar for real.

After all, without the buff from the symbiosis with the dog head, there was a huge gap in their combat skills, and she couldnt fight him at all.

So, Selina had never seen this super figure before.

Bam! The cream cake fell with a splat on the table.

Her eyes glowed as she reached out to touch Luke.

“This is awesome!”

Luke didnt stop her.

Director Selina had always been a fan of muscles.

Ever since she saw his smooth and perfect muscles, however, she had become immune to other lumps of flesh.

Luke raised his arms and slowly exercised his limbs and body to carefully sense the effect of the Muscle Expansion ability.

There was no rush to test for strength and agility.

He could do that in the basement of the research institute, which was spacious and fully equipped.

As a master of physical techniques, he had an extremely keen sense of his own body, and could easily detect problems in his control of subtle movements.

After working his body for almost a minute, he turned around angrily.

“Are you done groping Im going to do some boxing.”

Selina drew back her hands reluctantly.

“How long does this ability last for”

Luke said, “Dont think about it.

I wont stay like this forever.”

Selina curled her lip and returned to the table.

She picked up the cream cake again and smacked her lips.

“If you go out like this, a bunch of sl*ts will definitely come over to lick you.

Its fine to stay like this at home.”

Luke raised his hands in preparation to use the Kunlun Chi Refining Technique.

“Dream on! Ive always relied on my looks to make a living.

Ill never peddle my muscles!”

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