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With the lightning strike, the night was illuminated like a day.

The deafening sound of thunder suddenly rang through the whole sea.

The wind howled and the rain poured.

Wave after wave beat on the sides of the ship.

The surging ocean current made the ship rise and fall one after another, and the cabin was like on earthquake, a lot of items fell to the ground.

"Is this Grand Line"

In the room in the third-floor cabin, the four looked out through the window at sometimes bright as day and dark as night.

Carina, who was wearing a cotton coat and hadn't had time to take it off, sighed slightly: "It was a blizzard just now, but now it has turned into a thunderstorm.

This unpredictable climate is exactly what the waiter at the sailing tool store told me."

"Fortunately we changed a boat, otherwise, if it was still the previous ship, we would have no place to sleep just because of the seawater."

"It's been a busy day, you all go to rest."

El took off the Log Pose on Nami's wrist, put it on his own wrist and looked at the three girls who were slightly tired, and instructed them "I'll watch the night.

If there is any problem, I'll wake you up."

"Haa...then please, Nii-san."

three girls didn't hold back either.

After yawning, Carina took off her coat, threw herself on the bed, buried her head in El's pillow, and let out a unique laugh: "Uhhehehe...

I'm sleeping in Nii-san bed tonight."


me too."

Nami, who was planning to go back to her room, immediately threw herself on the bed and smiled while hugging El's quilt.

Seeing this scene, Kuina's face flushed slightly, and then hurriedly bowed her head and left the room.

The action of bowing her head seems to not want people to see her intentions.

Unlike Carina and Nami, who were still eight years old and had been sharing the bed with El when they joined him.

Kuina is already an eleven-year-old girl who knows basically everything.

El developed so early, at the age of eight, he was the same height as the eleven-year-old Kuina, and now he is a few centimeters taller than Kuina.

He is already 1.55 meters tall.


El is not only the same height as her, but his temperament and thinking are more mature than her.

Standing in front of him and getting along with him, Kuina not only did not have the dignity of an elder sister but was like Carina and Nami, just like El's little sister.

Under the doting of El, in the past few months, if Kuina had not been able to hold back, she would have integrated into Carina and Nami long ago, and started being like a little sister like them.

Although she wanted to rush over and hug the pillow and quilt that El slept on, Kuina still didn't have the courage.

As everyone knows, her contrasting appearance looks very cute in El's eyes.

In front of El's passive ability to see people's hearts, Kuina's thoughts and intentions are invisible.

However, he didn't expose Kuina's thoughts either, and he really couldn't do anything about it now.

After he has that ability, none of the three girls can escape his clutch.



The baptism of the grand line lasted until dawn before ending.

During those periods, the ship experienced baptisms such as snowstorms, thunderstorms, hail, etc., and left the course several times and returned along the original road.

Fortunately, El read Nami's memory, mastered some sailing knowledge, and got the ship back on track in time.

It was not until the small sailboat entered one of the seven routes and got closer to the first island that the violent sky and sea gradually returned to calm.

"Nii-san, good morning..."

Almost not long after the sea returned to calm, Carina and Nami, who had slept peacefully all night in the harsh climate, also woke up from their sleep.

After saying hello to El, the two girls went back to their room to wash while yawning.

"Am I that reliable"

Looking at the backs of the two girls, El couldn't help pinching his chin and said a little narcissistically.

With the ability to read people's hearts, El naturally knew why Carina and Nami could sleep so peacefully in this environment.

During the six months they have been together, Carina and Nami have developed a very high sense of dependence on El.

As if with him by their side, they wouldn't even be afraid of the sky falling.

This sense of dependence fills El with a sense of accomplishment.

After a brief washing in the bathroom, El came to the cabin beneath.

At this time, Kuina, who got up at six o'clock, was already preparing breakfast for everyone.

"Breakfast will be ready soon, what about Nami and Carina"

Hearing the footsteps, Kuina, who was making the last fried egg and ham, turned to look at El and asked with a smile.

"They're coming down soon."

El sat on the main seat of the dining table, looked at Kuina who was busy in the kitchen, rested his chin with one hand and said, "you didn't sleep much last night, It's really hard for you, getting up so early to prepare breakfast."

"Idiot, don't use your ability to peep at girl's privacy."

Kuina's movements paused slightly, turned her back to El while blushing.

"I just observe the sea every once in a while to see if there is any danger."

El smiled unapologetically: "Even if you feel unhappy, for your safety, I will not change this."

"Do whatever you want..."

Kuina held a plate in one hand and a cup of hot milk in the other hand, put it in front of El and gave El a dazed look and said, "Drink the milk, peeper."

Looking at Kuina, who didn't have the seriousness and coldness when they first meet, El picked up the cup and took a sip of milk, and his heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment again.

Don't call him Young Master Swordsman El from now on, please call him - Master of Girl Cultivation, El.

Just as El was teasing Kuina, Carina and Nami had already finished washing up and came down from the cabin above.

After the four of them finished enjoying the breakfast made by Kuina, they resumed their usual daily life.

Carina is in charge of observing the changes in wind and recording the changes on the Log Pose, while El takes Kuina and Nami to the training room for their hellish training.

When the morning is over and the afternoon time comes.

the sea in front of the ship, the outline of an island finally appeared.

The first stop on the first half of Grand Line - here they come!


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