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"Is this the entrance to the Grand Line"

"The sea is going upstream.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I really wouldn't believe that this world would have such a wonder!"

In front of the Red Line which looks like the end of the world, the ship cannot even be called ants.

Looking at the Reverse Mountain with uncountable tons of seawater going up, even though it has been read from the book, and El deliberately used reading other people's memories as an excuse to popularize a little common sense to them, but the three little girls still have a look of amazement on their faces.

"This feeling...

Nii-san, go and pull up the sails!"

As the ship got closer to the entrance of the Reverse Mountain, Nami's body seemed to sense something and hurriedly shouted at El.


El nodded, and then in the blink of an eye, he came down to the mast, grabbed a rope, and pulled it hard.

In the next second, the sail was shrunk by a huge force.

After tying the rope to the nail, El returned to Nami's side.

At this time, the Ship has entered the current upstream.

The ocean current is like a pair of invisible big hands, holding the Ship into the Reverse Mountain.

Almost as soon as the ship entered the Reverse Mountain, the back of the ship seemed to be equipped with a jet, and it shot towards the top of the mountain like an arrow.

The speed is so fast that even warships cannot compare with it.

"It's amazing!"

"Is our hometown so vast and beautiful"

Nami grabbed the rudder with both hands, and the other three also grabbed the railing on the side of the boat.

When they turned around, they saw that the East Blue had become their background.

The thick fog filled the Reverse Mountain so that in the eyes of the four, the East Blue was like a fairyland filled with white fog and a beautiful phenomenon.

It's a pity that they can only appreciate such a view for a few minutes.

In just a few minutes, the ship had reached the top of the mountain, and then it turned from top-to-bottom dive.

The feeling of going up and down is very different.

Carina and Kuina, whose center of gravity suddenly changed and light in weighted were almost thrown out on the spot.

Fortunately, El caught them in time and made them hug him tightly.

In order to give Nami a sense of security, El also hurriedly hugged the little girl from behind and made her lean against his chest tightly.

Fortunately, going down the hill is as fast as going up.

Also in just a few minutes, the Ship rushed out of the waterway and fell heavily onto the sea.


such a thrilling experience, I almost thought this ship would not be able to withstand the pressure."

Nami, who was leaning against El's chest, exhaled heavily.

Even though she had already eaten a devil fruit, such an exciting experience still made Nami break out in a cold sweat.

But her face didn't turn pale, indicating that her courage is exactly what El thought, many times stronger than when she was in the original Manga.

"Is this Grand Line"

Carina let go of El's arm and forced a smile: "Haha...the sky is as blue as the sea, the legendary pirate graveyard is no big deal."

Carina said so, but the slightly trembling voice, the stiff laughter, and the cold joke words showed that Carina was also very frightened in her heart.

Kuina is more honest.

She seemed to be seasick, leaning against El's arms, she didn't even have the ability to speak.

No wonder the two girls are like this.

One second they were admiring a fairyland-like view, but the next second they seemed to fall from the sky.

It felt like in El's previous life, those guys with acrophobia went on a roller coaster, and almost got scared to death on the spot.

Kuina and Carina did not vomit on the spot, it was already very good.

"Let's set sail and take a rest with the sea breeze."

El goes under the mast, untied the rope, and lowered the canvas.

Then the ship slowly starts sailing.

Looking at the lighthouse at Twin cape, El glanced at the bottom of the sea again, and a pity flashed in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Crocus had already lived in laboon body.

El also intends to ask the ship doctor of the pirate king for some advice.

But El hates waiting, especially when there is no time.

And asking Crocus is just one of his choices, not his final choice.

So, El chose to leave.

At the same time, El also realized for the first time what pressure is.

With Observation Haki, he knew very well how huge the fluctuation of life under the sea was.

It is worthy of the name of the island whale.

Whether it is inside, or outside, if the enemy is laboon, although, with flying slashes and being not afraid of seawater, he is confident that he can hurt or even kill laboon.

But he has no confidence that he can fight laboon At the same time, protect his three little companions.

laboon just flick his tail would set off a huge wave and nami, who ate a devil fruit, would be defeated by laboon on the spot.

If El is a Master swordsman who can cut off a mountain with one slash.

The mere laboon is just an existence that can be instantly killed with a single slash.

Unfortunately, he is not.

The huge fluctuation of life immersed in the sea is like a reminder and warning to El by the great sea.

Although you are a born monster, Unfortunately.....

you are still too weak!

"Armament Haki, Famous sword, Navy Six-Style, Flying Slash, Conqueror Haki, Conqueror Haki Entanglement...even Devil Fruits!"

Looking at the sea in front of him, El secretly said in his heart: "In the next ten years, there are still many things to learn and master..."

I can't go on comfortably any longer.

As a transmigrator, El is about to start his action.

Just as the Ship left Twin Cape, El fell into a trance state.

He didn't notice that a seagull was sitting at the top of the lighthouse on Twin Cape, watching the Ship gradually disappear by the sea, and then flapping its wings, it flew away from the sky above the Twin Cape.


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