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The sea at night is extraordinarily beautiful.

Sitting on the beach, El and Kuina talked about various topics and imagined the future.

By the time Carina and Nami found them, it was already early morning.

After finishing everything, Nami was wearing a white bandage on her left shoulder.

"did you hurt yourself"

Looking at the bandage on Nami's arm, El said with a confused expression.

The elementalization of a natural element user is a passive ability similar to El's ability to see through people's hearts that can be activated 24 hours a day.

Unless it is attribute restraint, Armament Haki, seawater or sea stone, any attack that can break through their defense and can cause any damage will trigger the elementalization and be directly immune to it.

For example, Nami are still hurts when she falls, but if a sharp object hits her when she falls, the body part will automatically turn into flames.

Even the capable person himself cannot hurt himself.

For example, Nami are still hurts when she pokes herself, but if she cuts herself with a knife, the place where she is cut will directly turn into flames.

Any attack that will break the defense and shed blood will trigger the elementalization of natural elements.

So, El is curious about how Nami hurt her arm.

Could it be that the village tattoo artist equipment is made of sea stone


I just discovered this too, so I deliberately soaked my left shoulder in the seawater so that it wouldn't trigger my passive ability." Nami smiled proudly.

"Good idea, good perseverance!"

Although Nami's inner thoughts had already given her the answer as soon as his question was uttered, El still gave Nami a thumbs up.

Soaking in seawater can certainly break the defense of the tattoo gun, but the pain of the wound is at least several times of the injury.

After all, seawater are salty.

Nami's ability to endure such pain shows that her willpower has really become stronger.

Now that the hate has been avenged, Nami's final knot has all been unraveled.

With the potential of her Mera Mera no Mi fruit to raise her potential, unless Carina and Kuina are suddenly stimulated, that they directly awaken their Haki.

Otherwise, if there is no accident, the second person in the team to awaken Haki will definitely be Nami.

Coupled with her innate ability to feel the sea breeze with her body and know the weather changes hundreds of miles away.

After leaving this island El decides, he will train Nami to awaken her Observation and Armament Haki.


The next morning.

The port in the Cocoyasi Village.

After carrying the villagers' farewell gifts to the ship, Nami stood on the side of the boat and waved goodbye to the villagers: "Goodbye, everyone!"

"Goodbye, Nami!"

"Nami, you must take care of yourself when you are outside, and you must pay attention to your body..."

"If you get tired of playing outside, remember to come back and see us!"


With reluctance on their faces, the villagers waved goodbye to Nami.

"Hehe...I see!"

Nami responded loudly with a big smile.

Because the knot of her heart was unraveled very early, after leaving the village, she looked forward to going on an adventure to the unknown sea and fulfilling her dream of drawing a map of the world by the way.


Since Arlong's rule is not yet firmly established, he has not yet collided with Colonel Nezumi of the navy branch in the sea where the Cocoyasi Village is located.

Therefore, El didn't bother to take a detour to kill Colonel Nezumi.

But to avoid causing any accident, before the four left, Nami, under El's reminder, deliberately left a phone bug for Nojiko.

If there are pirates occupying the Cocoyasi Village, or if they are bullied by some foreign forces, the four will come back from the grand line to avenge them.

After leaving Cocoyasi Village, the life of the four returned to normal.

Carina, as always, quietly reads the book, absorbing the knowledge from the book, and enriches her own knowledge.

Kuina, on the other hand, had battle with El every morning, noon and evening, practicing obediently from morning to night, and battling with El, her clothes were even more tattered than a beggar's clothes.

which is interfering with El's concentration.

After the battle, Kuina consciously carried out various physical and basic training.

Only Nami became the most unlucky one.

In order to make her flame temperature higher and her battery life longer, El forced her to do physical training every day.

In addition, El also intends to help Nami to awaken her Haki.

And as soon as he started training, El gave up.

Because he hadn't awakened his Armament Haki, he couldn't attack Nami's body at all, and Nami couldn't cooperate even if she wanted to.

El can only dispel this idea temporarily and prepares to help Nami to awaken Haki after awakening his Armament Haki.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, it came to December 11, 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

After a few months, the ship returned to the Loguetown, where it was born.

After landing, the four went straight to Center Street.

First, they went to the bank to withdraw a sum of money, then the four of them went to the hospital to get some medicines and then went to the clothing store to buy some training clothes.

Finally, they went to the weapons and the sailing tool store to buy a few barrels of ordinary swords, as well as the compass specially used in grand line - Log Pose.

The current Loguetown is not yet a peaceful place under the jurisdiction of Smoker.

Some merchants and companies dealing in grey and black area have set up branches here.

The sailing tool shop in Loguetown is one of them.

Not only do they have Log Pose, but it is one of the top-selling tools in the store.

In order to slaughter those pirates who entered the grand line for the first time, there's propaganda for Log Pose placed at their door.

The price of the Log Pose is dozens of times that of an ordinary compass.

One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, even if they know they have been tricked, the four can only pay.

After finally supplying some food and drinks, the four left Loguetown on the same day and set off towards the entrance of the Grand Line.

With self-awareness since birth, El is finally leaving this sea area where he has stayed for nearly nine years.

A great adventure lies on the other side of the Reverse Mountain waiting for him!


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