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She was thinking of her fantasies when the light before her eyes dimmed as Han Qingsong stood in front of her.

The distance between them was a bit close and the strong masculinity of his body caused the heat to rush towards her face with a compelling aura, which made her overwhelmed.

She took a step back subconsciously, “If you have something to say, just say it; don’t get agitated.”

Han Qingsong’s voice was low, “Have you ever seen me agitated”

That she didn’t.

Even if ‘she’ secretly carried Sanwang and ran to the army to file a complaint, made a fuss in the army compounds, suspiciously caught a mistress or two that would make the whole army refer to them as a laughingstock, he would still talk to her in a good tone.

He was not agitated at all, let alone scolding her or beating her.

He never actually accused her either.

Speaking of which, although he looked cold and serious, he was actually rather gentle towards people, unlike some men who looked kind and ended up either lecturing or beating their wives daily.

“Haha,” She laughed dryly.

My aura is too small and I want to pull it back; I can’t be suppressed by him.

She cleared her throat, “It’s not that you didn’t do your best; if you do well and give me a sense of security, I can still…”

“What does it mean to be ‘doing well and giving you a sense of security’” Han Qingsong looked at her with a heavy gaze.

He had thick eyebrows and deep eyes, his face stoic and unsmiling.

When he looked at others, he exuded a majestic aura.

Lin Lan didn’t dare to look at him directly, “Look, there are so many beautiful female soldiers in the art troupe in your army, as well as beautiful female nurses and doctors in the army hospital.

It was said that many people are interested in you, and you can’t guarantee that you will continue to live a good life with me…”

“As I said, you are a woman who bore children for me, Han Qingsong.

No matter what mistakes the woman makes, I will protect her for the rest of my life.

Do you not remember that”

Lin Lan thought about it for a while.

It seemed like she had said it before, but the original owner didn’t remember it clearly.

Actually, the original owner misinterpreted it as protecting her for the rest of her life because he had a guilty conscience after the divorce.

Naturally, she wouldn’t accept it.

The original owner has a certain characteristic of hers.

It was easy for her to be convinced with rumors and once she pinned it as the truth, there was no persuading her out of it.

No matter what he said, she thought that he was good-looking and had a potentially successful future, so countless beautiful women would swoon over him in the army.

She heard that the daughter of a cadre fell in love with Han Qingsong and might convince him to divorce her or something along those lines.

Lin Lan felt that she could still struggle a bit, “I didn’t understand this problem clearly and I was at fault, but you don’t know the situation at home, so you can’t blame me entirely for having conflicts with the old lady.

I have five children at home, so I would definitely want a few Yuan to buy something to coax the children occasionally.”

“Did I blame you” Han Qingsong became more and more puzzled.

Seeing how innocent he was, Lin Lan started to question herself again.

He really didn’t blame her at all.

This time, although the old lady and the second sister-in-law complained to him all day long, he never favored blood over marriage and he didn’t blame her at all.


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