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Second sister-in-law hurriedly ordered the older child to call the barefoot doctor to bandage her wounds.


Lin Lan didn’t care about her, so she hugged Xiaowang and asked Maisui, who was in a daze, to fetch them some water.


“Mother~” Xiaowang frowned and called out.


 Lin Lan hurriedly responded, “Xiaowang, where are you feeling uncomfortable Do you feel dizzy”


She checked and found a big bump on Xiaowang’s head.

The blood on his face was caused by a broken nose, which had shed a lot of blood, but it had already congealed by itself.


Xiaowang said weakly, “Mother, I’m fine.”


Erwang brought the water basin from Maisui, “Mother, let Xiaowang wash himself up quickly.”


Lin Lan wiped Xiaowang gently to wash the blood on his face for fear of hurting him.


Xiaowang was rather happy, “Mother, it doesn’t hurt~”


This child was so sensible to the point where Lin Lan felt even more distressed.

Such a little child who was originally anaemic had shed so much blood—how pitiful.


While washing, the old lady Han arrived at the door of the house.

Before Old Two stopped the bicycle, she jumped down and staggered to run home.


As soon as she entered the yard, her eyes locked on Lin Lan like a lioness hunting locked her prey as she ignored everyone else.


“You insolent thief!” The old lady Han was so angry that her teeth hurt.

She picked up the dark fire plough from the ground and rushed to Lin Lan to hit her head and face.


While beating and cursing, “You thief! You’re a bad person, a lost star, a failed child! You stole my money! You have the guts to do that now, don’t you You went behind my back to get the money! Scram! Scram back to your family; the Han family cannot afford to raise you!”


Though she could dodge, Lin Lan was afraid that she would hit Xiaowang, so she had to use her body to protect him.

The stick hit squarely on her arms, shoulders and back as the pain made her tears flow out uncontrollably.


Sanwang hurriedly protected Lin Lan while Maisui cried in fright on the sidelines.

Erwang ran over to pull the old lady, “Don’t hit her! Don’t hit my mother!”


The old lady Han was crazy.


“Are you done!” Lin Lan was angry and she fought to win the fire plough from her grasp.


Eldest sister-in-law was so scared that she hurriedly called her, “Third Family, you can’t beat mother!”




A tractor stopped on the South Road and a tall and upright man jumped off of it.

He was dressed in military uniform and carried a military backpack that was half his size.


He waved to the driver, lifted the shoulder strap of the backpack and strode towards Shanzui Village.


Some people looked at him and asked around.


“Oh, isn’t that the third son of the Han family”


“Yeah, yeah, Qingsong is back!”


At this time, a few children ran out of the alley in a panic as they stood on the street and shouted, “Come everyone! The Third madam is going insane! She’s going to kill my mother and my grandmother-“


Han Qingsong’s vigorous steps suddenly became heavier.



In the small courtyard, Lin Lan was holding onto a fire plough.

Her arms and shoulders were burning with aching pain as she glared at the old lady Han— she was embarrassed to beat an old woman after all.


She slapped the fire plough severely and threw it on the ground.


The old lady Han was convinced that Lin Lan would not have the guts to beat her.

No matter how much trouble the youngsters made, they were nothing more than children who only knew how to cry, break into a tantrum or curse her behind her back.

No one really dared to scold the old lady directly in the face, let alone beat her.


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