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In the evening, Lin Lan returned from work.


The heat, tiredness and soreness made the hairs on her skin stand upright.

These were her true feelings after she went to the cotton field to pick up insects.

She really couldn’t and shouldn’t ever do any physical work.


Anyway, everyone was avoiding her.

Since she didn’t need to cross herself just to please others, she went home directly after work.


As she was walking, she suddenly heard some cries of beatings and scoldings as well as the wails of children.


Every family lived in a bungalow yard.

Even the neighbours’ voices were largely audible, let alone cries of pain.


Who the heck is that unreasonable to the point where they have nothing else to do but inflict physical beatings on children


After pondering for a minute, Lin Lan realised afterwards— it was her own home!


Unexpectedly, this home could still incur a fight even if the shrew herself wasn’t home!


She ran home quickly, “Why are you doing this Why can’t we talk it out if there’s something that has to be said…Wang Xiufen, why are you beating my son!”


She saw the second sister-in-law holding a pitch-black fire plough in her hand, pulling Sanwang’s slender arm and lashing at it headlessly.


Maisui and the second sister-in-law’s daughters were huddled together whereas Erwang followed the eldest sister-in-law to persuade one after the other, shouting, “Don’t fight, don’t fight!”


Where is Xiaowang


Lin Lan hurriedly looked around before she saw Xiaowang lying on the ground outside the west window with blood on his face!


Her heart suddenly felt sore, as if it was impaled with a needle. God damn! Taking advantage of this woman not being at home, you sneak up and dared to beat up my kids You think you’re some sort of hotshot, don’t you


Pulling hair and scratching faces was not Lin Lan’s style but she wasn’t one to waste time on nonsense either.

She drew a stick from the haystack at the base of the south wall as she raised her hand and drew it towards the Han family’s Old Two’s wife.


“You hit my child, I’ll hit you back!”



The second sister-in-law of the Han family was beating Sanwang with enthusiasm until she was suddenly slapped with a stick as she screamed in pain.


Lin Lan didn’t say a word as she continued to flog her with the thick poplar stick that was used in shaping biscuits. Weren’t you capable of bearing the pain Keep hitting then!


After hitting her a few times more, she left her sister-in-law and ran towards Xiaowang.


The second sister-in-law of the Han family thought that Lin Lan was going crazy to kill her, so she jumped and ran away.

However, she panicked and slammed into the wall of the hut in the southwest corner.


With a ‘pang’, Han family’s second sister-in-law swayed chaotically as her mind was bewildered.


Her head hurt and itched slightly as it became a little numb as well.

She raised her hand and scratched the bump.

Feeling a slimy substance, she took her hand off and took a glance, “Blood, ahhhh—”


“I’m bleeding! My head is broken! I’m dying!”


Then she felt a cold feeling crash through her forehead.

Something was flowing down and her eyes were suddenly covered in red.




The second sister-in-law of the Han family felt her body become lax and she limply collapsed on the ground.

She couldn’t get up no matter how much she tried to, but she felt like she was going to die soon.


Everyone in the yard were shocked as the eldest sister-in-law hurriedly said, “Oh, goodness, don’t die because of this.”


The children of Han’s second sister-in-law’s family also ran over to see their own mother.


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