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She opened it seriously, “Red Treasure Book.

Our family also has Red Treasure Books now.”


There were his comments above, which were actually words of determination, such as listening to Chairman M’s words, walking with the party and so on.


Han Qingsong learned literacy in the army, and the characters of silver hook and iron could be seen through the back of the paper, which indicated his really powerful style of writing.


It’s just— it’s ugly!


She opened the book again.

On the first page, there was a copy of Chairman M’s quotations, followed by a few sentences of his own thoughts.

It was straightforward and simple without any literary embellishment.

In Lin Lan’s eyes, it looked like a beginner—cute and ridiculously simple.


She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.


“You can read” Han Qingsong’s low voice suddenly sounded behind him.


Lin Lan was startled and looked at him in astonishment.

When did he come here


There was no sound of movement at all!


“Yes!” She said with a look of determination, reciting a sentence from the book.


Only four words were pronounced correctly.


There was a relaxed smile in Han Qingsong’s eyes.

She was so focused just now that he thought she understood.


Lin Lan looked at the smile in his eyes and found that he looked better when he smiled than when he didn’t, “You guys got it good in the army since you can still learn to read.

How about you teach me”


It didn’t matter how many characters one learns.

As long as one had the intention and action to learn, they would have an excuse to be able to read and write in the future.


Han Qingsong didn’t refuse.

He put his big hand against Lin Lan’s arm and put it into his bag.

He took out a few books, took the letter back and put it in his pocket.


He put the book in Lin Lan’s hand, “I’ll leave it to you for safekeeping,” Then, he went back and continued sewing the quilt.


Lin Lan picked out a book and went to the kang, opened the first page and had him teach her.

And after a few times, she wanted to learn the second page.


Han Qingsong, “Learn the first page first.

Memorize it well and then, we’ll learn it later.”


“You can read it to me two times more.

I’ll study a little more, so I’ll remember after I say it over again.”


Han Qingsong glanced at her.

Her eyes were clear and bright, showing the simplicity and interest of a child, void of calculations like other women, and couldn’t help but be startled.


Lin Lan blinked, “Why are you looking at me like a prisoner”


Han Qingsong immediately looked away, “Nonsense, please read out the first page first.”


Lin Lan deliberately mispronounced a few words, but Han Qingsong corrected it.


Lin Lan smiled and said, “I’ll be literate first instead of learning how to write, so please teach me a few more pages.”


Han Qingsong taught another two pages and Lin Lan recited it.

She even managed to do it with the book closed.


Han Qingsong was surprised and appalled.


Lin Lan said proudly, “The Secretary Head of the party organizes studies, the men go to the Brigade to study whereas the women also mumble a few words at home.

I can remember a lot of their muttering.”


Was she this motivated and eager to learn


Han Qingsong glanced at her again and there was a strange feeling surging in his heart.

Thinking of the last time she kissed him on the cheek, his heart became hot.


He decided to continue sewing the quilt.


Lin Lan was studying and her voice was rhythmic.

She shook her head and racked her brain, exuding a type of girlish cuteness.


Han Qingsong felt that he could no longer sew the quilt.


“I’ll teach you to write,” he said, the tips of his ears turning red uncontrollably.


When Lin Lan saw it, she fanned him with a broken fan, “No, you sew the quilt.”


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