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Several minutes prior.

In a certain aromatic room in the Hasa Hotel.

“Someone put a wanted bounty on Princess” The first princess Alicia, who had a voluptuous and seductive appearance, was laying on a large soft bed and speaking in a soft voice.


The wanted bounty has already been issued.

I believe that someone will try and capture her very soon.” A petite maid kneeled on the ground with one knee as she paused with her words.

“Have someone cancel the bounty immediately.” Alicia furrowed her dainty eyebrows as a chill appeared in her beautiful eyes.

“Yes, Master.” The petite maid took out a yellow pearl the size of a walnut from her pocket.

She injected some magic into the pearl, which caused it to glow with a faint yellow light.

This was a low-level communication gem that could be used for instant communication across short distances.

Several seconds later, the petite maid placed the pearl in her pocket again and glanced at Alicia on the bed.

“Master, Earl Lain has received your command.”

“Very good.

Who was the one that issued the bounty” Alicia inquired.

Her information network was spread across the entire Jade Empire, and information would reach her quite swiftly.

She could easily learn about her countrys internal affairs even while staying in her room.

“Master, it was Earl Dallas.” “Oh, so it was my relative.

Very good.

Ive heard that he has a nice pond at home, so lets have him go live in it.”


Alicia smiled slightly as killing intent instantly welled up inside her.

‘How dare anyone tries and touch my Child of Destiny They must have a death wish!

“Yes, Master!” The petite maid immediately transmitted Alicias command before saying, “Master, I have one more thing to report.”

“Speak.” Right after Alicia said this, she felt a tightening in her chest as she immediately then bent over and spat out some blood containing block spots onto the ground.


“I, Im fine… Continue with your report.” Alicia reached out to stop her maid and then took out a handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

The petite maid couldnt help but worry.

Her master had already spat up blood several times this month, but in past months, it had only been once per month that she spat up blood.

The maid bit her lips and calmed herself down slightly before saying, “Master, according to our spies report, Princess and her servant recently brought the Shadow Wolf assassin Gellars corpse in for a reward.”

“Oh, you mean that someone hired an assassin to kill Princess” Alicias expression became chilly as her voice was filled with killing intent.

“Yes, Master.

Should we kill the person who hired the assassin”

Alicia didnt answer.

Instead, she took out a deck of cards.

The cards suddenly started to float and turn in midair as they emitted mystical energy that made it seem like the cards were in a storm.

Soon, three cards flew over and floated before her.

After carefully analyzing the cards, Alicia sighed deeply as she then said, “No need.

We cant interfere too much with the Child of Destinys fate.

Otherwise, misfortune will occur.”

Alicia then glanced at a single card.


‘My Child of Destiny, just what kind of existence are you Why are you so mysterious

“Yes, Master.” The petite maid nodded.

She then seemed to think of something as she said, “Master, Shadow Wolf has been too active recently.

Shall we suppress them a bit”

“No need.

Since they want to go against the Child of Destiny, then let them become dead ghosts under her blade.”

Several top-level assassin groups exist in the southern continent currently.

Alicias Hidden Kill group was the most famous one, followed by Shadow Wolf.

The Shadow Wolf assassin group consisted solely of wolfmen, a half-human, half-beastman demihuman species.

The southern continent was a place where humans ruled, followed by beastmen.

Meanwhile, demihumans who were neither human nor beastmen werent liked by either side, so they were viewed as having the lowest status.

However, demihuman species had very high status in the central continent, since most of the empires there had been established by demihumans.

The Shadow Wolf group in the Jade Empire was only a sub-branch of the overall Shadow Wolf organization.

The Jade Empires Shadow Wolf was no threat to Alicia at all.

She could eliminate them any time that she wanted.

However, that would make an enemy out of the greater Shadow Wolf organization, which obviously was a bad deal.

Occasionally suppressing Shadow Wolf a little wouldnt bring that much attention upon her.

Alicia suddenly felt tired as she shook her head.

“Im tired, so you can leave now.”

“Yes, Master.” The petite maid cleaned up the blood on the ground and then stood up and slowly backed up until the door before she turned around and opened the door.

As she closed the door, a weak voice spoke up behind her.


I dont have much time left.”

The voice then disappeared as the room became quiet.

Jade City, outer city, deep inside the commoners district.

This place was filled with the rundown stench of decay.

A complex scent wafted through the air and made people want to vomit.

Only the lowest status, poorest, weakest, and most despairing people in Jade City lived here.

The more light there was, the darker the shadow would be.

Social classes were something quite clear with no mistakes at all.

“Mountain Lord, Gellar is dead.” A voice spoke up in a dilapidated room.

“How did he die” A somewhat raspy and deep voice answered the first voice.

A weak light shone into the room through the cracks.

A tall man wearing all black and a pitch-black mask was sitting on a large rundown chair.

His blue eyes seemed to contain a long story as he looked at the black-clad person kneeling before him.

The two of them were similarly dressed like Gellar.

No, even their ears were furry like Gellars.

“He was killed by the target we were supposed to kill,” stated the black-clad person.

“That useless piece of trash was actually killed instead by the target!” Mountain Lord slapped the arm of his chair as he shouted with unmistakable anger in his voice.

“Mountain Lord, Gellar is dead now, so about the mission, should we…” “Of course, we continue.

We of Shadow Wolf never fail!”

“Yes!” The black-clad person nodded energetically and then immediately left.


Mountain Lord took a deep breath before he suddenly muttered to himself in a low voice with a chilly expression, “Lowly mortal, how dare you kill someone from our heaven-chosen species.

Ill absolutely sacrifice your head to the heavens!”

Back on Crystal Street.

Yaeger thought about it for a moment as she watched Kastina leave and instantly realized that the first princess must have canceled the wanted bounty on her.

Something like this which required a process wouldnt be so easy to cancel just because Kastina wanted to cancel it.

“I owe her a favor.” Yaeger chuckled as she then glanced at the adventurers guild.

A piece of equipment was waiting there for her to take it.


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