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Kastina fell to the ground like a kite whose string was cut.


Only now did the guard captain regain his senses as he hurried to check the seventh princess condition.

“Ahh~ I cant, my entire body is being filled with this numb sensation of bliss~”

However, when he saw Kastina looking at the sky while muttering to herself with a blissful expression, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

ThisPrincess brain really has broken from her previous beating!

Meanwhile, Yaeger stopped attacking as she glanced nearby at Kastina who was trembling all over.

‘Is she actually a *********

Yaeger then suddenly recalled the pervert in Newbie Village 101 who kept getting more excited while getting beaten.

The two had different genders and personalities, but they had something in common! They were both perverts!

Yaeger instantly classified Kastina as someone dangerous.

Meanwhile, the nearby spectators chins were about to hit the ground.

This girl actually dared to beat up that willful seventh princess yet again, and she even acted like it was nothing afterwards!

Yaeger really seemed like the strongest person in the Jade Empire to them right now.

While they were still shocked, a well-armed troop of soldiers suddenly charged over with a vicious aura about them.

“The city guard is here on official business.

All unrelated people should get out of the way!”

The spectators immediately made a path for the soldiers when they heard the soldier captains shouts.

The next instant, Yaeger saw several dozen strong elite guards marching in an orderly fashion towards her.

The guards all had eyes like sharpened knives, with similarly sharp auras and steely expressions.

The leader of the guards was about 30 years old.

He wore red armor, was about 1.95 meters tall, had a strong body, and a rough face under his blonde hair.

There was also a striking scar on the left side of his face.

Yaegers eyes instantly flashed as she mentally groaned at her bad luck when she saw this guard.

She recognized this person.

He was Zamas, the [Berserk Lion], who was the head of all guards in Jade City.

He was a special NPC.

Not only did he have excellent equipment, but his strength was also quite good as well.

He would definitely be a difficult opponent for her.

‘I really have jinxed myself! Zamas, arent you usually supposed to be guarding the inner citys gate Why are you here as well!

Yaeger was metally shouting since it was obviously quite difficult for her current strength to fight against a special level 30 NPC.

Even if she challenged an enemy above her level, that would depend on who she challenged!

Yaeger would have a 70-80% chance of winning against a level 30 NPC with worse equipment.

However, it would be quite difficult to say who would win if she fought against a storyline NPC.

Zamas was originally a powerful warrior in the army.

Since he didnt know how to please his higher-ups, had a direct personality, and always spoke what he thought, he often angered his bosses, which was why he was soon demoted to the point of only being able to spend his days guarding the city.

He felt depressed about not being able to make the best use of his talents.

A warrior player who activated his special quest would then be able to complete a series of quests to help Zamas return to the army and fight for the Jade Empire.

The quest would reward the player with gold coins as well as a purple random equipment box.

This quest was restricted to warrior players only, so Yaeger had no interest in it.

Even if she won, she wouldnt benefit at all!

“Criminal Princess, you have committed the unforgivable crime of murder, which is a terrible influence upon others.

Immediately put down your weapon and surrender to accept your judgment by coming with us!”

Zamas unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Yaeger while speaking in a severe tone.

Right after he finished speaking, the soldiers with him surrounded Yaeger.

“Hah… although I wont get anything useful at all from this, I can still vent with this.” Yaeger sighed helplessly as she immediately brought out her purple bow.

Since these NPCs insisted on going against her, then she would vent upon them and have some fun.

At any rate, if she couldnt win, she would simply run, so she wasnt feeling pressured at all!

Zamas truly had high combat strength as a high-level warrior.

Yaeger would have less than a 30% chance of winning against him if she didnt use [High-level Sword Manipulation].

Her odds of victory were even lower with so many soldiers glaring at her.

Yaegers current plan was to have half a fight and vent a little before running away.


“All of you, back down!” Kastina suddenly spoke up in an authoritative tone.

Zamas swiftly turned around upon hearing this.

As expected, he saw the seventh princess with arms folded and a displeased expression as she walked over.

“This subordinate Zamas greets Your Highness!” Zamas kneeled on one knee with respect covering his entire coarse face.

“What are you guys doing” Kastina glanced at the soldiers before immediately looking at Yaeger with an indescribable look flashing through her eyes.

“Peasant, very good.

As expected of my powerful rival!”

As Kastina and Yaeger exchanged glances, Yaeger felt her mouth beginning to twitch slightly.

‘Since when have I become your powerful rival!

“Reporting to the princess, this person has committed the unforgivable crime of murder.

We have come under orders to capture her,” Zamas reported honestly.

“What Who did she kill” Kastina asked out of curiosity.

“The lower-rank noble Hades of Broken Leaf City.”

“Ive never heard of him.

Hes just a mere low-rank noble, so who cares if he dies This peasant is currently my powerful rival.

Only I can punish her, so all of you leave!”

Kastina waved her hand, seeming as if she was shooing away a group of annoying flies.

“Princess, thats not very good…” Before Zamas finished speaking, his face was turned as he felt a fiery pain on his cheek.

“I wont repeat myself.

Get the hell out immediately!” Kastina had an icy expression as she took back her hand which had just slapped him.

Zamas felt rage rising up in his heart, but then he instantly suppressed it as he hurriedly nodded.


He then immediately left with his soldiers.

“Peasant, next time Ill definitely teach you a good lesson.

Just you wait!”

Kastina pointed at Yaeger while speaking with an authoritative tone.

However, a red light flashed in her eyes for an unknown reason.

She then left Yaeger behind, who had a confused expression.

“Ding! The wanted bounty on you has been canceled.

The first princess has gained 2000 points of interest in you.”

The systems voice spoke up again at this time.


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